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Pawning for E Cigs?

ProVari24KGold-2One thing we have not really seen on the show is electronic cigarettes. Well of course we have not since there would really be no reason to actually pawn for them since they really are fairly inexpensive.

What do you think the Old Man would think of electric cigs? He was def a smoker at one point, but is he now? Anyone?

Don’t even ask me why I am on this e cig kick, I guess it was the $10 disposable I grabbed at the gas station. It had me looking online and I found a $300 + 24K gold e cig! Ha! The company is provape and you can check it out here

Pretty crazy. I have been looking a lot and I found a brand called Bull Smoke which is actually a mid line product at a great price. Seems like the best one in the mid level price range. It is not a huge brand and I think the other ones are just charging more for the name like anything else.

So I guess someone actually good pawn a 24K E cig ūüėČ

Chicago Bears 1932 Program

1932 Superbowl ProgramWhen a football program cost a dime!


Yep; that was the original price at Wrigley Field back in 1932 for the game program of what would be named the Superbowl years later! NFL championship games weren’t called the Superbowl until 1970.

Rick is giving Corey some freedom as he wants to give him more experience.


They shake on $2750 as the seller was pleased but Rick thinks that he paid way too much for this burnt program!

The old man agrees as he calls it a 2700 dollar mistake but Corey thinks that the value is there.

Corey ends up going to Jeremy who has some interesting history on this particular game at Wrigley Field. Jeremy does say that the market is very limited this is the “Holy Grail” of football programs and he wouldn’t be surpriised if they would get 10 grand for it from a collector because of all the history.

Corey later gets gets apologies from both the old man and Rick as he rubs it in their face telling them that there’s only¬†a few¬†in existence with one of them being in the Hall of Fame!

Schwinn Twinn

Schwinn TwinnCan Chumlee ride a bike?

Well he doesn’t kill himself riding the Schwinn Twinn around in the Pawn Shop.

Don the seller hopes to get 300 bucks for this 1952 bike. Chumlee notes that as unique as this bike is, the door isn’t being broken down by people looking for a twinn bike. Because the condition is good, he offers 40 bucks and then goes to 60 but Don wasn’t thrilled with the offer so; No Deal

Exploding Money!

Money dyepackWe’ve all seen TV shows where a bank robber winds up with a stack of money with dye built into which explodes when you unwrap it. Well a stack of 10’s with dye makes it way into the Pawn Shop. Rick isn’t sure how to handle it as he’s not sure that it would be legal to own, buy or sell.


They are legal to own.

Fumes from the exploding dyepack are also toxic.

The owner now wants $473 but quickly agrees on $175 and they have a deal.

Joker Poker Stained Glass Window

 How much is stained glass worth?Dog Poker

Craig brings this stained glass of dogs playing poker; with a joker added in. He owned a cigar shop and has had this for years in his store.

  • Originally painted by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge (who?) – apparently a jack of all trades who owned a bank, wrote an opera and worked as a school superintendent
  • Commissioned by an advertising company to sell cigars
  • Stained glass has been around a couple of thousand years but clear glass wasn’t invented until the 1400’s.

Craig wants $5000 and Corey offeres $1500. The old man stops him from going higher than $1700 as he reminds Corey how breakable glass is and this can lead to a total loss.

They have a deal at $1700 and everyone is happy – except maybe the old man who thinks about the idiots that work there breaking it!

Rick Harrison on Leno – Tonight!

Set your DVR if you’ll be in dreamland at 11:30 tonight so you won’t miss Rick as a guest on the Tonight Show. Yea, tonight!!

Misprinted Eisenhower 8 cent Stamps

Eisenhower StampsMisprinted Eisenhower 8 cent Stamps

  • In 1847 prepaid stamps were first introduced¬†because paying the postman upon delivery got too time consuming.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower 34th U.S. President, lived 1890 – 1969

Fred the owner said that his dad was a postal worker way back when postage was 8 cents and has had these in the family ever since. He’s hoping to get $800 – $1000 per stamp and he’s got an entire book (2$ face value) of these misprinted and miscut stamps!

The worlds most expensive stamp is an 1855 Swedish stamp printed on the wrong color paper. It sold for $2.3 million in 1996! But what are these worth?

Rick is clueless what they may be worth so he calls in Jay an expert who finds a total of 5 unique errors. Jay claims that these are pretty rare and would have a value of about 500 to 700 bucks. But that’s retail and would leave no room for the pawn stars to profit. Rick and Fred ultimately agree on $425 and the sale takes place.

Stamp Quiz

Pawn Stars Stamp Quiz

Who was featured on the most popular stamp in US history?

A. George Washington

B. Elvis Presley

C. Mickey Mouse

Answer – B; The Elvis stamp was released in 1993 and sold over 120 million copies.

Elvis Stamp

Over and Under Flintstock Pistol

Flintstock PistolOver and Under Flintstock Pistol

This is a 4 barrel shotgun in miniture no less!

  • One of the original multi-shot guns.
  • Was very high tech for it’s time
  • The Flintstock pistol was invented in 1610’s
  • Often made with multiple barrels due to long reload time

Deann, the owner thinks it’s neat because of the engraving but admits that she has no idea what it’s value is. Rick gives instruction on using it as he points out everything broken on the gun. He is still interested because it’s so unusual but needs to check on repair costs as well as what it may be worth when fixed.

Jemison, an antique arms expert puts the value at 700 to a grand and adds that it wouldn’t be worth fixing. A Flintstock pistol in¬†great condition may be worth only a few¬†grand. A new one probably cost a few pounds of silver way back when in England.

Rick offers 5 bills but the seller balks; she did state that it was in the family for multiple generations. After Corey reminds Rick that they end up selling all old guns and they have none at the moment, it results in a deal at $600.




Chicago Police Call-Box from the 1930’s

Chicago Police Call-Box

Chicago Police Call Box

  • Used from the late 1800’s all the way up to when radios replaced them in the 1970’s.
  • First installed in 1884
  • Helped reduce the number of patrolmen needed on streets

Kent, the owner needs cash for his own wedding a few days later so we’ve got a motivated seller!He wants a grand for this thing and Corey explains how common they are as he offers 200 bucks.

Corey could see someone restoring it to use as a phone in their home….not me! They wind up with¬†a deal at $225 which will cover the limo for the wedding.