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1758 Lottery Ticket

1758 lottery ticket

Season 2 Episode 6

  • 1744: 1st state-sponsored lottery held in Massachusetts
  • Most colonies used lotteries instead of taxes as revenue sources

Wow this thing is signed by George Washington. If this is real, then this has some value!!

Rick loves it since its in great shape, but is a little weary that it is in that good of shape.

This guy thinks it’s worth between 8 – 10k! Yikes

Bringing in an expert!

Dana is brought in. He loves this thing. Lotteries were used to found money for different things. Wow so GW was involved with this lottery to build a mountain road. Wow GW had them printed up and numbered. These were never issued and is why it is in great condition. The signature is totally authentic. Man this thing is gonna be worth a lot.

He says this is the king of all lottery tickets. Dana says it could be worth between 15k-20k!! Cha ching!! nice

He asks for $15,000 and rick offers $8,000

He Counters with $12,000, but Rick can’t meet him there.

Dang no deal!! Man that is a cool thing!

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  1. Pawn Star says:

    It was really cool to see this on the show. I would love to have something this real and authentic! Great find!

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