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1884 Springfield Trapdoor Gun

1884 trapdoor gun
  • Manufactured from 1884 to 1893
  • Name comes from the “trapdoor” opening which was used for loading

Since watching this show I want a classic gun like this so bad!!

Great gun only thing was that it was a single shot which pretty much made it useless. He has paper work on the gun it is all documented. Oh boy the old man is talking about sexual diseases haha

Rick has sold a bunch of this and this is the best he has seen. The guy wants $1600 , but Rick counters with $1000

Rick goes $1500 and he agrees.


Lets see if this thing fires!! CHUM!!!!

Shooting time. Who is gonna shoot it. Rick needs to know if he can sell the gun as a whole or sell it for parts.  Worst case is the gun blows up. Hehe looks like Chum is the shooter

Looks like Corey is stepping up to shoot first. I bet this thing packs a punch! Dang nice! Chums turn. hahahahh mis fire! lol. No one died. Good night!

I works.. Lets sell this piece!

Great show guys!


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