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1886 Winchester Rifle

1886 winchester rifle

Season 2 Episode 4

  • The first an most popular repeating rifle
  • This model produced form 1886-1935

Jeez a casing just flew out of this thing. always check to see if its loaded folks! 😉

Alberto wants to sell his rifle. Ha it was his father in laws.

The original price was $19.95 Yikes

Its a 45/90 winchester center fire! Nice!

This gun has a round barrel and is an American Classic!

Dang Rick says in perfect shape it is worth $10,000 wow

Rick offers him $1500. This dude is way happy.

Rick is pumped about this one!

Rick brings it to the gun shop to give it a once over and shoot it.

Time to shoot it. hehe
Wow that has some kick! I gotta get one of those. How much you selling it for Rick?

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