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1914 20 Dollar Bill

1914 20 dollar bill


  • The US first issued paper money in 1861
  • The bills were called “greenbacks” because of their color

This lady found this $20 stuck in her Grandfathers old bible.

She is thinking she can get at least $300 for it.

The bills back then were much bigger and had some high tech things of the time printed on it.

It is pretty beat up  and was def in circulation. Rick says its a star note, but is not too sure so he wants to call in an expert to learn more about the Greenback.

Ray is brought in as an expert. I’m thinking it is prob worth a good amount!

It is a replacement bill so it is a bit more rare. Wow he says its worth about $1,000. Cha ching!!!

Now she wants $1,000, but Rick says $550… She hits back with $900… $850.. Rick counters with $800

DEAL $800 this chick is happY!!!

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