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1924 $20 Gold Coin

gold coin

Season 2 Episode 5

  • Minted from 1907 to 1933
  • Contains 30 grams of gold

OK so this lady found this gold coin in a new house she bought. I bought a house that was built in 1850 and they  left a bag of coins in the attic. Whole bunch of silver dollars and pennies. Was hoping for one of  those bronze pennies but no luck. Anyways…

Well its worth at least $20 hehe.

Rick  Loves this coin. He says Teddy Roosevelt had Saint Gaudens come up with the design for these coins. Rick also mentions its the most counterfeit gold coin. Doh!!

Wow coins are graded from 1-70 1 being the worst 60 -70 being mint state!

Bringing in an expert. Its worth $900 in gold alone.

Mark is brought in as the expert, he is the owner of Sahara coins.

Wow it’s real!! Nice! What grade is it? Mark is thinking 64 and makes the coin worth about $2,ooo

Dang not  a bad find!! She wants $2,000 of course lol.

Rick has to actually get it graded. She counters with $1800 and Rick says $1500.

DEAL – $1500

Not a bad days work huh?

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  1. PJ Johnson says:

    Dear Rick, The coin if it comes back with a grade of MS-63 is worth 8000$. MS-55 is worth 2000$.

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