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1932 S Quarter

1932 S Quarter

Season 2 Episode 4

1932 S Quarter makes its way into the shop.

This quarter was issued to mark the 200th anniversayr of Washingtons birth.

S denotes it was minted in San Francisco

This chick got it when she was working her register.

She is looking to get $1000 for the coin. I don’t think so, hehe.
They only made 400,000 of the S quarters which makes it extremely rare.

Rick is checking out the mint mark and is not too certain of it.
Calling in the expert!!

Ray is called in as the coin expert. If its legit is has a chance to be worth around $1000
Its a Real quarter!! The bad news is its prob a counterfeit and he can see that the mint mark was added. Buuuuu

Now its worth $3 of silver. Doh!!!


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  1. Jason says:

    You guys are awesome! Great show. This 1932 quarter episode is especially memorable because Rick’s mention of the 1932 quarter immediately alerted me to register 1932quarter dot com and 1932quarters dot com on July 19. A few nights later. I acquired 1932sQuarter dot com

    I’ll always remember the episode. 1932quarter dot com is growing. I have you guys to thank. Keep entertaining and good luck.

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