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1976 Piper Warrior Airplane

1976 piper warrior


  • Piper aircraft began in 1937 and was name after founder William Piper
  • Piper was often called the “Henry Ford of Aviation”

Rick is pretty excited about buying a plane and brings his buddy Scott who knows planes.

This was bought as a project plan and is still a project. The guy bought it for $8,000.

Lots of stuff is missing. Need new engine, paint, windshields ……. lol

Wow it is pretty beat up, but there is big resale in planes if they can fix it up cheap!

Scott thinks they have a shot to make some money

Rick offers him $5,000, but the guy says no way!

Counters with $7,500 and Rick says $6,000

DEAL $6,500

I think there is potential for nice profit!!

Ok so Rick heads over to Scotts to see the new restored Piper. Wow this thing looks great and its’ even running lol.

Found a used engine in the junk yard with less then 500 hours and a nice clean interior. New windshields and avionics. Ok so what did this cost Rick?

Jeesh $6,000 just for the paint job, $6,000 for the engine. $3,000 for the interior.
Rick is in for $21,500 but Scott thinks he can get $25,000-30,000 f0r it. Not a bad deal!!

They are taking this thing up! Hope Rick borrowed one of the Old Mans Depends. hahaha

Great show guys!


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