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1982 Harley

1982 harley


  • The first Harley Davidson motorcycle was built in 1903
  • Harley Davidson’s sales exceed $5 billion a year

Real sweet Harley and Skip the owner wants no less then $8,000 for it

Sounds real nice. I would love to get a Harley some day.

Cory is thinking $5,000 , but Skip says no why!

Skip has T-shirts older then Cory hahaha.

Skip now says $7,000… Chumlee is thinking about buying it.

DEAL $7,000

Chum is jonesin for this harley!!! Chum lee wants the lay away plan. Old man wants nothing to do with financing Chum. Old man says bring in $3,000 cash and he will put Chum on the payment plan lol.

Ok CHUM got the $3,000! He is pumped.  Old Man doesn’t have faith in Chum lol

Corey and Chum to go check out his new harley! It looks really sweet! Way to go Chumlee, don’t mess it up!!

4 Responses to 1982 Harley

  1. big urb says:

    The guy selling the Harley is none other than Skip Morris, otherwise known as “Morris the Merciless” to his army buddies back in Fort Hood, Texas back in 1975. Skip was a hard drinking badass former force recon marine who joined A co. 1st of the 12th First Cavalry Division back in the day. I remember a story about skip that will stay in my mind forever: There was a black guy who locked his boom box in his locker so nobody could mess with the volume. Everybody was suffering with the interminable soul music that kept the squad from sleeping. Skip took a knife and slit the power cord. When the owner of the radio rose out of his bed to protest, Skip turned to him and said, “Next it’ll be your f**king throat!” Nobody ever messed with Skip.

    Fager, Andy, Skip and I used to drive from Fort Hood to Temple, Texas to frequent the bars in that more urbane setting and pick up women. To a kid like me, Skip was amazing: he drank like a fish but could still handle work and women. He was one of a kind.

    It was nice to see that the years have been kind to him and he is OK.

    Mark Urban
    US Army 1974-1978

  2. Pawn Star says:

    haha skip sounds like a bad azz!! Im sure you have way more great stories. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. bill says:

    I played high school football with Skip Morris. Everybody hated his guts. He was a phony and a pussy. Tried to talk big and bully everybody. He usually got his ass kicked. Girls never cared much for him. (short man syndrome)

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