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1992 Schweizer Helicopter

schwiezer heli

Season 2 Episode 6

  • Built by Schweizer Aircraft Corp. in 1992
  • One of the safest and most reliable helicopters

This thing is in pieces! It was in a crash, but all the pieces are there so…

IT is a schweizer 300 C. They are so safe because the fuel tanks break free on impact. It was actually designed to be crashed and put back together easily.

Wow the pieces alone are worth $$$

This guy is saying 100k to rebuild it and the retail is 150k.

What can Rick get it for. The kid is looking for 10k. Dang he should just build it himself!! Dope!!

DEAL – $10,000 wow!

Hehe Rick needs to run this past the old man! sucka!!!!

Oh boy Old man time lol.  hahah Old man knows something is up.

“Where are we gonna put a helicopter!!!!”

Rick gets the go ahead!! Could make $40,000 grand off of this.

Wow they restored it. Looks really cool. Are they gonna fly it?

Everything had to be rebuilt. Cost to rebuild? $100,000

Prob sell for 160k-165k

Wow the Old man is going up lol Hope he has his depends on.

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