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2010 Hoyt Carbon Matrix Bow

hoyt carbon matrix bow
  • Most expensive bow on the market
  • Took two years to develop

Wow this thing is neat. Its got fiber optics. This thing looks like it is so light!!

Hoyt made the bow in the Rambo movies! Sweet! This guy needs the cash and wants $1800-$2000 for it.

Rick offers $1000, he counters with $1700, then Rick offers $1250

DEAL $1250

Let’s test this puppy out!

They head over to Charlie at the archery shop> he says they bought the strongest and best bow ever made!  This thing is no joke. He said he saw a video of a truck running over it and it not even breaking!

They will put it on consignment at the archery shop, but first we need to shoot this puppy!

Wow Rick hit the target, it must be a good bow. Chums turn. Lets see if its that good. Same hit! Nice!

Big Hoss gives it a shot. I know he will miss lol. hahahhaha I knew it. He hit the ground lol.

Great show guys!!

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9 Responses to 2010 Hoyt Carbon Matrix Bow

  1. Mike E says:

    To bad a brand new bow is only 1500 bucks and ive seen a used one on sale for 850. The guys shoulda thought about why this guy wasnt sellin it to the bow shop instead of them. they cant even break even on consignment.

  2. MITCH says:

    Ya but you have to remember the bow he made the deal on is fully set up with all the right gear. Still not a bad price for a fully set up bow.

  3. hoytfiend says:

    really id love to buy one for bad even on ebay they are 1500..would love to know where you found one at hald price!

  4. Jason says:

    If the pawn stars were smart they would put their items on the website for sale. If the history channel was smart, they would air shows that pertain to history. Shows about pawning and login and stinking ice road trucking are beginning to #### me off. I think the discovery channel has more history than the history channel.

  5. Mr. Zipper says:

    This episode was a thinly veiled infomercial for the Hoyt bow. Even the guy in the archery shop just happened to be wearing a Hoyt shirt. If it’s such a valuable and almost new bow, why not bring it to the archery shop in the first place if you are the seller? My bet is that Hoyt sent the guy into the shop for some free advertising.

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  9. GoogleUser says:

    There are two on eBay as of the date of this post for $900 and $950 respectively, buy it now, from reputable sellers. I’m not a bow expert, but I do know how to use Google.

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