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A Treat for IPad Owners – Umami

Umami  can be your TV companion and make watching Pawn Stars even more enjoyable.

Umami has a Dashboard where you can see what people are saying about the episode.

Umami is a free app for the iPad that you use while you watch TV. It automatically sync’s to what you’re watching and then brings you the show and cast info, news, gossip, social feeds, search and much more. It’s just missing one thing that I’m sure you won’t cry over – adds!! There are no advertisements on Umami.

The coolest part is the new freeze frame. It lets you snap pictures of what’s playing on TV while you’re watching it, and share them with friends and other fans. You can snap pictures of the Harrison boys getting really excited over something really unique like a 16th century samurai sword and freeze frame Richard getting frustrated with Corey to capture that look on their faces.  Just think how many unique facial expressions you can grab of Chumlee! This feature gives you the ability to take photos from last few seconds in case you miss any detail of how the usual haggling ended.

Download it for free right here: Umami App

Learn all about Umami 

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