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Alexy bilozertchev olympics

The entire world Artistic Gymnastics Titles 2009 is one of the the planets greatest gynastics events along with at least 72 delegations as well as a total of 437 gymnasts 269 men and 168 women rivalling for glory at The O2 Arena london on 13-18 October The year just gone.
In the same artistic gymnastics event which in turn took place in Victoria in 2005 discovered 189 male and 89 female gymnasts representing Sixty seven National Federations.
There were zero team events with this championships and 961 Mens routines and 551 Females routines were taken part in the Qualification circular of the Championships on 1314 October.
The usual heavyweight countries were all manifested with China north america Romania Russia Japan along with Great Britain amongst the delegations mailing a full compliment associated with 6 male and also 4 female gymnasts. Alexy bilozertchev olympics
This British representatives for the World Artistic Boxercise Championships were-
Women Team – Beth Tweddle Becky Downie Becky Wing and Marissa Master.
Male Team space Louis Smith Daniel Keatings Kristian Thomas Daniel Purvis Theo Seager in addition to Ruslan Panteleymonov.
The other countries giving the maximum number of members were Australia Brazilian Canada France Malaysia India Netherlands Norway Slovenia and Switzerland.
This launch gave a clear idea around the rankings of personalities – which set up gymnasts would stay along with defend their positions for 2012 Olympics and which brand new names should be observed in advance of the London Games.
As the Titles in 2009 did not add the Team event many people presented a good opportunity to focus on the individuals.
The World Creative Gymnastics Championships 09 started with the Training course round Competition One particular which selected the top 24 male and female gymnasts that proceeded to the Individual At all times Finals Competition 2.
The highest eight gymnasts on each bit of the 6 equipment for male in addition to 4 apparatus with regard to female made a challenge for the medals in the Device Finals Competition 3. Virtually no scores from the Qualification round were used with the Finals.
Event Final results
Individual All Round Results
Men – Platinum Medalist – Kohei Uchimura Japan Women of all ages – Gold Medalist Bridget Sloan USA
Apparatus Men Gold Medalists
Flooring – Marian Dragulescu Romania
Vault space Marian Dragulescu Romania
Pommel Horse – Zhang Hongtao The far east
Ring – Yan Mingyong Cina
Parallel Bars — Wang Guanyin China
High Clubhouse – Zou Kai China
Device -Women Gold Medalists
Floor – Elizabeth Tweddle Great Britain
Vault – Kayla Williams USA
Irregular Bars – He she Kexin China
Beam space Deng Linlin China
China performed extremely well in the individual apparatus events profitable six gold medals from the Artistic Gymnastics Planet Championship 2009 while they did not have an individual studying all the apparatus. Romanias Marian Dragulescu earning two gold Floor Vault is one to look at in the London Olympic games 2012. Alexy bilozertchev olympics Many people remember the gold-medal winning Chinese language gymnastic team from 08. Not all of the opponents looked like they were 16 which is the minimum era to participate in the Olympics. In 2000 there was clearly at least one underage gymnast- Dong Fangxiao. Her real age wasnt found out until 2008 when she applied to be an official in the Beijing Olympic games. The International Olympic Panel IOC has just ruled in which Dong Fangxiao was underage and has revoked the Chinese bronze medal. This ruling adjustments the official Olympic record while doing so it also shows that the Chinese gymnasts from 2008 may ultimately lose their medals when they are proven to be underage at a later date. There is a lot of data supporting that they were underage as well if they are verified underage history could recurring itself.

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