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Antique Coffee Grinder

antique coffee grinder
  • Coffee dates back to 6th century Yemen
  • Leading coffee growing countries: Brazil and Vietnam

Ok so this guy got this as a graduation gift. Ummm…. lol

Looks like the late 1800’s and made in Chicago.  Looks in good shape and mechanical it looks ok.

It is quality and made of cast iron. They don’ t make stuff like this anymore.

Rick is excited about it. This guy is looking for $500 for it. hehe

Rick offers $200 for it… DEAL $200 wow I thought he would counter. He could have got $300

Time to restore! Wow this looks awesome and I really like the color.

Rick is the man, he does great work on everything he touches. Nice work!

$350 for the restoration and Rick thinks he can pull $1800-2500 for it.

7 Responses to Antique Coffee Grinder

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  6. Beth says:

    I just saw the show with the coffee grinder. I just wish the guy who was selling the grinder would have done his homework and got a better idea of the worth. He really got ripped off.

  7. meagain says:

    Yeah, shame on you, don’t gloat that you ripped-off someone. Also, the grinder in THIS photo IS NOT the same as the one on the show. Dale’s shop painted the one on the show orange, but only painted the raised lettering on the wheels, not the rims of the wheels. Also, the one in the shop has it’s scoop/cup at the base, this one doesn’t, and the one you guys bought didn’t have an eagle at the top. Someday you’ll tell someone to go to Sotheby’s or Christie’s, that would be the honest thing to do.

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