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Antique Handcuffs

antique handcuffs

Season 2 Episode 6

  • Original cost of each set: $3
  • Manufactured in England during late 1800’s

Guy was working on a roofing job and found them in floor boards

Rick wants them pretty bad.

The guy is asking around $300 and Rick says $100

If they had the key then maybe $300


6 Responses to Antique Handcuffs

  1. Rich Warne says:

    SO were the cards real or fake?

  2. Pawn Star says:

    Wrong post Rich, but Rick deemed them fake. I would love to see an update where the guy comes back and says they were real! 😉

  3. J says:

    Is this a typo about season 2 episode 6? I cant seem to find it Thanks, I want to see this one is it new?

  4. Pawn Star says:

    Ya know Im not sure how they are sorting out the episodes. They play 2 half hour shows, so I don’t know if they count each as an episode or both as 1.
    I have been counting each half hour show as an episode, so episode 6 is really the 6th half hour show.

    But… yeah this aired last night. The guy wanted to hold onto them since Rick would only give him $100. I would have kept them too. Pretty neat!

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