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Antique Peg Leg

peg leg
  • Artificial limbs date back to ancient Egypt
  • Pirate peg legs typical made of wood taken from ships

I dunno this thing looks fake to me. The guy is looking to get $7500 for it.  says its from the 18th century.

This is a first for Rick and he def wants it. The round headed nail leads him to believe it might be from the civil war.

Expert time!!

Ok so this was definitely used. The leg was prob cut below the knee. If  these really is a geniune pirate peg leg it could be over 10,000

Its hand made, but the nails used in it date it to the Civil War. Prob worth about $1,000

Haha the guy still says $7500, then $5500 Rick offers him $500

He is gonna hold onto it.

NO DEAL!! Dang!

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