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Antique Portraits Napoleon & Josephine

Napolean Josephine

Season 2 Episode 3

  • Napoleon was emperor of France from 1804 to 1815
  • Made with thin slices of hand carved ivory

The guy has no idea of the value, but won’t accept anything less then $500 lol.
Cory calls the old man in to look at his portrait. Been in the family for years, nothing like selling the family heirlooms. haha

These were painted by hand and are very old.

Expert time! Who they gonna bring in. There are some numbers on the back that say it was in an auction.

Greg is called in as an expert. He is saying most likely from the 1850’s. They were married then divorced in 1809.
Value? Prob about $800 at auction. They are unique because there are 2 in the collection. Ok so now this guy thinks he is gonna get $800 lol.

This guy asks $600. No way!!! Cory offers $400, he comes back with $450 and cory says $425

Sold!! $425

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