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Anton Schneider Cuckoo Clock

anton schneider cuckoo clock

Season 2 Episode 7
Antique Cuckoo Clock

  • Anton Schneider company started in 1848 in Schonach, Germany
  • Original Price: $250

This guy is thinking the clock is worth a few grand. Seems reasonable.

Rick thinks it is def old, but doesn’t know too much about it. Wow this thing is intricate. Looks like there is a bit of damage, but its in pretty good shape.

Calling in an expert for sure!

Ok we have Roland the expert and he is very excited!! The cuckoo clock originated in the 1730’s.

From what he can tell this is a legit Anton Schneider and they were all hand made one of a kind! wow im thinking this is worth some $$$

Value ? $6,000 as is. If the cuckoo works? $10,000 Lets give it a shot ans see.

Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo… Awesome it works!! This kid is pumped!! Roland says last summer an Anton Schneider went for 3.3 million at auction.

OK lets make a deal! The kid wants $6,000

Rick says $4,200…

DEAL $4,200 – Customer is pumped!

14 Responses to Anton Schneider Cuckoo Clock

  1. Todd says:

    That clock is one of only 45 ever built! Holy cow!! I own a table top Anton Schneider and I payed $25.000. for it 5 years ago. I am calling the pawn shop in the morning to see if they still have the clock!!

  2. Chris says:

    wait!! $25 or $25,000

    Dang see what its worth. Thats awesome!! Good luck!

  3. April Phelps says:

    I know of only 13 Antion Schneider Table Top’s still in existence. The one shown on the show was from the Johnson Estate located in Utah. It’s condition would be factored in the poor/fair state. I have personaly seen the clock and I would rate the clock’s value slightly higher at $6.500.00 to $11.000.00 going by current auction prices.

  4. Harold Wymond says:

    My hart just about stoped when I saw the clock. Roland was right on the money when he said the clock was worth $6,000.00 the way it was presented in the show to $10.000.00 restored. I own several Antion Schneider wall clock’s dating back to 1850 and would love to have that clock in my collection.

  5. Demosthenes says:

    Wow, maybe something got lost in the editing, BUT, this one really bothered me.

    I distinctly recall hearing the “expert” say that the clock was worth $6,000 as it was BUT would be worth $10 IF the cuckoo worked !

    Hell, just looked above and the little episode guide up there confirms it.

    QUOTE: “Value ? $6,000 as is. If the cuckoo works? $10,000 ”

    The expert then fiddled with the clock and damned if the cuckoo didn’t start cuckooing.

    Wouldn’t that have meant that the clock was worth $10,000 AS IT WAS right then and there WITHOUT any restoration ? This would lead one to believe that WITH restoration, it would have been worth much more.

    If that’s the case, then the seller got ripped!!! I have no problem with a pawn shop paying much less than fair market value as they should make money as well, BUT, the negotiation should have been based off the $10,000 value of the clock, NOT $6,000.

  6. Carol says:

    Rick did not push the seller to sell. He only gave the seller a choice. The seller knew the apraised value of the clock before any price was offered. I think the seller wanted a dirt bike more than he wanted a clock and if im correct the clock was his father-in-law’s…. I wonder what his wife is telling him!…”divorce?”

  7. Misti Hood says:

    I loved the new “Expert” Roland. He looked like he was honest and straight to the point. I hope to see him soon apraising anouther item.

  8. John Jordan says:

    Where would the signature ( if any ) be on a Anton Snyder cuckoo clock be located?

  9. Amanda says:

    I cant believe how bad people collect these things! I know of an Anton Schneider table top cuckoo clock that just sold for $25,000 in Denver…. and it didn’t work!! I wonder if the one shown in the show is still available.

  10. Misti H says:

    Realy a cool clock. I thought the expert was hot an handsome!

  11. bill huckaby says:

    i have what is believed to be a anton schneider cuckoo clock, it has grape vines with grapes in both bottom conners , five big leafs, one bird on top. clock repair man said he had never seen one of this but was sure it was a anton schneider clock 8 day, pre ww2 because it has germany on and not east germany. it has only the coil chime. can any one give me any info on this clock and its value.

  12. Lou Weber says:

    Holy Lederhosen,I have an Anton Schneider shelf cuckoo,it’s a fusee movement.I was just going to take it to the auction,hmmmm.

  13. Rick D says:

    I have what I believe is a vintage original Anton Schneider Cuckoo Clock. Of the research that I have done I have not seen another like it. Anyone out there have any ideas? I would like to sell it.

  14. larry says:

    I would suggest Ebay

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