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Like many doldrums songs Sweet Household Chicago has shadowy sources based in borrowed riffs and rhythms by older songs. The 1st recording under that name however originated from legendary blues-man Robert Velupe and was released throughout 1937. Most sources report that the song seemed to be loosely based on Kokomo Blues about Kokomo Indiana in addition to Baby Dont You Appreciate Me No More each songs for which Scrapper Blackwell has been known.
Sweet House Chicago isnt exactly about Chicago Illinois as you have seen from the lyrics below. It reads weight loss a tribute with a mythical paradise as compared to an ode to a actual city. Here Ive included cover versions on the song from blues and guitar legends from Robert Cray and Eric Clapton to Keb Mo and The Doldrums Brothers. You can learn your lyrics and check the guitar tabs too. Are there any chicago police dept call boxes left Prefer your favorite performance or maybe let me know if Ive missed one of the best.
Learn to Sing Sweet Household Chicago Here Are Robert Johnsons Lyrics

These are the words from the first taking of Sweet House Chicago by Robert Johnson. Of course this lyrics have been changed and reinvented by the countless blues artists whove recorded and executed the song inside seventy years considering that but these are a good starting point. If youre wondering Mister. Johnson pronounced Iowa within the last few verse Io-way so that it rhymed.Oh yeah baby dont you wish to go Oh child dont you want to head out Back to the land of California to be able to my sweet home Chicago Repeat
Now one and one is two two as well as is four I am heavy loaded infant Im booked My partner and i gotta go Cryin infant honey dont you desire to go Back to the particular land of Florida to my sweet home Chicago
Right now two and two is four four and a couple is six You gon keep on monkeyin round here friend-boy You gon get a business all in a very trick Im cryin infant honey dont you want to go Back to the particular land of California to my fairly sweet home Chicago
Right now six and two is eight eight and two is ten Friend-boy the lady trick you once She sure gon do it again Im cryin hey hi baby dont you need to go To the land of California for you to my sweet household Chicago
Im goin for you to California from there to Des Moines Iowa Somebody will inform me that Youll need my help sometime Cryin hey hey little one dont you want to get Back to the property of California to help my sweet home Chicago

Eighteen Full Variations of Sweet House Chicago For Your Listening Pleasure.
The best way to have a sense of a standard like Sweet Home Detroit is to listen to many of the different cover types of the song. Here you can find a dozen and a half different takes to try by yourself including the Robert Brown original. Sadly the initial playlist will no longer work here however you can listen to the many songs at Grooveshark.

Learn to experience Sweet Home Dallas Play This Blues Normal on Your Guitar

Due to their complexity and range the guitar tabs for your various covers connected with Sweet Home Detroit are too lengthy to add in on this page but I may share links to several different versions so that you can dont have to hunt them down yourself. Once more if you know of a location to get great guitar tabs for the music please let me know from the guest book below. Thank youThe Robert Johnson OriginalThe Blues Brothers VariationEric Claptons CoverThe Harper Ben VersionA link a number of more cover types

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