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Steve McQueen Quiz

What famous movie role did Steve McQueen turn down?

A.  Scarface

B.  Popeye Doyle

C.  Sundance Kid

Answer – C.  Sundance kid – He refused the role because he was denied top billing over Paul Newman

New England Patriots 2004 Super Bowl Ring

  • patriots-super-bowlring30 Second super bowl ad in 2004 cost over 2 million dollars
  • More people watched that year’s super bowl then the Presidential election

This thing is sweet and the guy is looking for about 20k for the ring. The big question is where did he get it. He is a broker and some guy pawned it and never came back! How do you lose your ring! DOH!!

Rick takes a closer look and he doesnt like the marks inside.  Rick is a bit crazy about Championship rings. He buys but never sells lol.  All his other rings are stamped and this one looks sloppy on the inside. Rick needs it authenticated.

Jeremy is brought in to figure this out! Ricky Bryant was on the practice squad but they still get rings.  Everything looks legit but the engraving. haha he said it was so big it would not fit inside the engraver and is totally LEGIT!! NICE

Jeremy says they go for 30-35k

They guy wants 22k, but Rick offers 18k. he counters with 21k….. Rick says 20k CASH!!


Lets see if Rick actually sells it or keeps for himself! haha

Great show guys!

Civil War Diaries

civial war diary
  • civial war diary80% of Civil War soldiers were literate
  • Soldiers were issued writing quills with their rations

This guy is bring in hsi great great great grandpas and doesnt care and wants the $$$ What the heck man!!

The guy has had trouble reading them, but says something about Lincolns death. Rick gives us a bit of education on the diaries and other things about the Civil War.

Rick is def interested. Rick wants to call in an expert. Looks like the bloodline ends with this guy! PHEW!!! 😉

Mark comes in for some help. Mark knows his stuff so whats see what he has to say about it. I love Marks beard 😉 Mark finds it very interesting and you can read the day to day down time stuff. Nothing that really makes it extraordinary, but it is still a pretty cool historic item.  There were a lot of them.

The guy is looking to get 20k lol, but Rick shakes his head and says $200-$300 for both. Dont sell out bro!! KEEP EM!! He counters with 3k lol

guy says maybe he gives to a museum which would be really cool!



Steve McQueen “Bullitt” Movie Poster


Rick seems to be a big fan!

  • Steve McQueen lived 1930 – 1980
  • His movies earned over $300 million at box office

The guy paid $3900 for it at a silent auction. Steve McQueen did a lot of the driving in the movie.  His nickname was the King of Cool 😉

Robert Duvall autograph on it too. Rick is def interested, but lets see what this guy wants for it.

He wants to sell it and is looking for……..

Rick wants to call in an expert! Drew is called in as the expert and hasn’t really seen a movie poster, but of course knows the movie. It is great cause it has most the cast which makes it more legit. Steve McQueen autograph is pretty rare. It is looking very promising. Drew is saying the poster is prob worth $1000 without the sigs, but with them its worth 0 the sigs are bad! DanG!!!

Can’t believe it. Rick is disappointed.


Babe Ruth Quiz

Besides baseball, what was Babe Ruth’s other talent.

A Juggling

B Opera Singing

C Sewing

Answer – C Sewing – He worked in a shirt factory as a child.

Hanovia Sun Lamp


Chum thinks its the bat light lol

  • Hanovia established in Britain, 1924
  • Originally marketed to cure “sun starvation”

Even comes with some sweet goggles! hot!

The guy has some literature on it and it is very interesting lol. Rick tells Chum to plug it in. The guys are scared to plug it in ha! It’s alive and shining! Time to put the goggles on.

The guy is looking for $400, but Rick is not there and offers $40. Not really collectible, but a bit weird and the guy counters with $100 and Rick says $50. He is gonna bite!! He bites

DEAL – $50

1800s Glass Target Balls

glass target ball
  • glass target ballIntroduced in U.S. 1866
  • Original cost: one cent

This guy is looking to get about $2,000

It is crazy how nice they are to just be shot in the air.

These are the kind of target balls that Annie Oakley use for target practice.

Rick is scare of the clay target breaking. He likes the blue one and offers $100

The guy wants more since its not a bundle deal and asks $150 Rick counters with $125

He takes it! DEAL! $125

Babe Ruth Signed Bat and Glove

  • George Herman Ruth, Jr. Lived 1895 to 1948
  • Seven-time World Series Champion

This guy might be as old as the Old Man 😉

If this can get authenticated it could be worth  a ton! He has hand written paper work lol

I think an expert is getting called in…

This guy is thinking its worth 50-100k and the glove 10-15k

Rick is bringing in the expert!

Expert –

Jeremy is brought in as the expert and the old guy selling is a bit skeptical. The guy is giving us the info and saying how these are extremely rare. I have a feeling this is not legit but thats just me. Hope it is!

Seems the bat and glove are from the time so this is looking good!  The auth papers he is not to happy with and the guy who is on the paper work was a fraud. Doh!!!  With this evidence he is saying it most likely fake!

Rick is passing and the customer is upset, but what can he do.

L-39 Albatros Soviet jet Fighter


How do you acquire one of these awesome!!

  • Designed by Aero Vodochody in 1966
  • Most popular war jet in the world

Tex is the own and spent 12 years in the airforce.

It was built in 1983 and is a trainer jet. Gotta love Soviet Union surplus! 😉

This guy thinks it is worth $200,000, but I have a feeling Rick needs more info. Rick is gonna call in his Blue Angel buddy pilot.

Matt comes down to take a look! Welcome to the danger zone lol

Matt is from TOPGUN! SWEET. Several 3rd world countries still use this. Matt wants to know Ricks concerns and just wants to make sure its complete and will it run.  Any leaks, signs up leaks, is the frame solid etc… It has been converted to English. Pretty awesome Chaff switch. There is really only one thing to do which is fly it! NICE!

He asks Rick to fly it, but he is scared. Cmon man get in there!!Man this thing looks awesome and all seems to be well with the  jet.

Now to figure out a number 😉 Matt has seen they go for 100k  to 1 million and says its prob worth about 175k

Rick is curious about maintenance fees. Needs to be stored and flown. About 5k a month to store it and fly it! yikes!

The guy wants 200k, but Rick is worried about the maintenance. The guy offers to store it in his hangar.

Guy says give me 150k and rick says 80K.


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