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Autographed Lou Gehrig Jersey

lou gehirg autograph
  • Played for New York Yankees from 1923 to 1939
  • Won 2 MVP awards and 6 World Series titles

This guy got this from some old farmers. Is this legit? hmmm…..

Gehrig signed very few items so its worth a lot. He has 3 papers of authenticity.

He is looking to get $10,000 for it….

Corey needs to call in Rick to check it out.

Rick starts asking some good questions. He has the paper work and it looks legit to him.

Rick gives Corey the go ahead.

Guys says he would take $7,000 but corey says $2000… Counter… Owner comes at $5,000 Corey is at $3,000

Dang!!! DEAL $3,000

Not a bad buy! good job big hoss!


5 Responses to Autographed Lou Gehrig Jersey

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  2. marcus johannsen says:

    with a stat coa its gotta be fake, they dont know lou gehrig, from larry storch!

  3. Mr. Zipper says:

    They almost certainly got taken on the Gehrig jersey.

    There were two Certificates of Authenticity that I could identify: AAU and STAT Authentic.

    Neither of these COAs are taken seriously by anyone who is an educated autograph collector. In fact, the S.T.A.T. Authentic site links to Coach’s Corner Auctions which is a notorious and well-known forgery distribution point. AAU is a lightweight at best. If you had a real Gehrig and wanted to build the strongest case for your item, you’d send it to PSA, James Spence or Richard Simon – these Letters of Authenticity have credibility.

    Two other major red flags is the jersey itself and the fact that the patches were ripped off.

    Back in the 30s, signing equipment like jerseys was something that just wasn’t done. While it’s certainly not impossible, it’s very unlikely. Balls, wire photos, programs and slips of paper were items that were typically signed. A signed jersey would be a very, very rare and valuable item. Again, not something you’d send to a third rate authenticator.

    Then, there is the issue of the torn off patch(es). Why were they torn off? Were the patches perhaps anachronous to the time that Gehrig could have signed the jersey? Could the patches be linked to a time after 1941, thereby proving the signature was not authentic?

  4. Christopher says:

    Check out this YouTube video on that Pawn Stars episode:

  5. Kristin says:

    I have a lou gerig photo with signature on the back of it. It is a large picture of him in black and white and it’s stamped the national baseball hall of Fame museum on the back and his signature is on the back of the photo

    call me if interested i also have one of ted williams autographed on t he back and stamped from the museum in cooperstown NY

    Kristin 7146106938

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