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Whats in a name… A no-dig garden – unlike a more typical garden – requires no digging. As such it takes less effort and less time.Its also sometimes called a lasagna garden as its constructed by layering different mediums.
Brief HistoryThe contemporary background from the no-dig model of gardening is mostly credited to Masanobu Fukuoka of Japan… particularly his 1953 guide The One-Straw Revolution. Tho there can be previously references from your 1800s.
Ruth Stout promoted the deep mulch system while in the America by using journal articles along with a couple of diverse guide titles starting up during the 1950s.Her guides contain- Methods to Have a Green Thumb Not having an Aching Back again No-Work Garden Book and Gardening Without the need of Deliver the results. All titles have various revisions.
Esther Deans Australian gardener conservationist and poet was a robust proponent on the no-dig approach in Australia gathering traction inside 1970s. Her publications- Esther Deans Gardening Ebook- Rising Free of Digging and No-Dig Gardening Leaves of Life.-. Babe ruth -Why No-DigNaturaly the promise of reward devoid of perform resonates with many folks.
But there are actually far more benefits to a no-dig backyard than the not digging part…
1. Perhaps first and foremost – it truly is quite water stingy. Because of this feature the Australian government is a powerful proponent of the method given the scarcity of water. As well California is in water rationing mode in 2008 after a couple of drought years. Consequently this method has been getting alot more attention.
2. Pest defensive. No-digs tend to be even more resistant to pests than usual soil gardens.
3. Organic. No-digs use organic materials with no chemical fertilizers.
No-dig layers will compost over time which simultaneously provides nutrients to the plants.
How you can Assemble a No-DigA no-dig is assembled by layering organic materials on top the ground.
It helps to get some type of container for the material. Typically thats a wooden box redwood or cedar 2 thick wood 10-12 deep.Youre not limited to wood but you do want the material does not contain any toxins that will leach into the soil. So pressure treated wood and painted surfaces are not recommended. You can use something like chicken wire with stakes to form it and hold in place… a bathtub… bricks… concrete blocks… rocks. You get the idea.
The area should be level. And the width should not be wider than you can reach across. So if you can get to both sides than 2 x your reach. This is because once youve built your no-dig you dont want to walk on in.If you have got a bigger total area simply create multiple no-digs leaving space for a walking path in between.
Layering will consist of brown carbon layers and green nitrogen layers.
Brown materials are basically dry and dead. This includes paper cardboard dried leaves sawdust wood chips straw. Their purpose is to soak up any excess moisture and to provide aeration air loom.Green materials are organic and moist- animal manures and compost.
Your first layer the an individual that you put onto the ground is newspaper. Avoid colored pages. This layer will act as a barrier so that whatever weeds or grass may be within the ground your putting the no-dig on will die off with no light exposure. This layer will also attract worms. Worms aerate the growing medium and help compost.The newspaper should be 10-20 sheets thick. Simply overlap the pieces so no area is left uncovered.Then spread a thin layer of bone meal and blood meal. This adds nitrogen calcium and phosphorous.Saturate with water.
Layer 2- Alfalfa or Lucerne hay – 3-4 thick. High in nitrogen.
Layer 3- Compost or animal manure – 2-4 thick. This will add nitrogen as well as microbes which will get the composting going and attract worms. High nitrogen is good at breaking down carbon from your brown layers.
Layer 4- Straw – 6-8. This is a brown layer and mostly functions as a mulch keeping the moisture in and decreasing the need for water.
Layer 5- Compost or manure – 1-2. A green layer with nitrogen and microbes to juice up the composting. This is your top layer.
Water all this down well and your ready to plant.
PlantingIn general you dont want to use seeds in a no-dig. The nitrogen is hot and will burn them up before they can become established plants. So your best bet is transplants that youve grown from seed or purchased.
Simply create a hole by separating the material with your hands or a hand shovel. Throw in a very little dirt and pack with the plant as you would if potting it.
Between expanding seasons simply add alot more compostmanure and straw. Youll be building up the soil as it composts.
If you have all the materials on hand it will take only 1-2 hours to assemble a no-dig backyard.Watering is usually about 13rd to 14th the frequency as a normal soil garden.
Theres not One way to do a no-dig… you can get numerous variations. The basic concept tho is to layer in brown and green which builds a compost factory. The material composts and feeds the plants while building nutrient packed soil.The straw keeps the moisture in so you need significantly less water.
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