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Babe Ruth Signed Bat and Glove

  • George Herman Ruth, Jr. Lived 1895 to 1948
  • Seven-time World Series Champion

This guy might be as old as the Old Man 😉

If this can get authenticated it could be worth  a ton! He has hand written paper work lol

I think an expert is getting called in…

This guy is thinking its worth 50-100k and the glove 10-15k

Rick is bringing in the expert!

Expert –

Jeremy is brought in as the expert and the old guy selling is a bit skeptical. The guy is giving us the info and saying how these are extremely rare. I have a feeling this is not legit but thats just me. Hope it is!

Seems the bat and glove are from the time so this is looking good!  The auth papers he is not to happy with and the guy who is on the paper work was a fraud. Doh!!!  With this evidence he is saying it most likely fake!

Rick is passing and the customer is upset, but what can he do.

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