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Baldwin Piano

baldwin piano


  • First manufacture in 1891 and still made today.
  • All Baldwin pianos are hand-crafted

This chick just graduated and studied Asian studies and might be heading to Asia.

She is cute and Chum Lee is in love!! hahah this  is too funny, chum is working it.  Rick interrupts to take care of bidness lol.

Rick brought an expert in and he says its a legit Baldwin Piano. He really likes it! Everything looks in ship shape order, but could use some TLC

Looking at about $400 to fix it up. She wants $1,000 for the piano.

Looks like no deal!! I don’t know why the expert didn’t buy it.

3 Responses to Baldwin Piano

  1. Rick Caruso says:

    HI Rick we love the show we can see why Chumlee is the village idiot. We only hope he’s not quite as bad in real times as he is on the tube.

    I write you today as a friend and as a History buff as well.

    Watching History channel has had a profound affect on my love for history. While many of the orginal shows they aired years ago would appear to be trash in todays world, almost like the book burnings of yesteryear though the reasons behind each were very different in intent. As History is known to do (that is repeat itself) it also appears to come full circle or full compass.

    Now well worn, as buffs we’ve all heard and read about past and recent atempts to Cover one’s or even a Continents’ worth of Ass to include their Sirnames Asshole, Ass-Holo-Von-Dumpa-yash, yer Ass Holyness as reserved for and said only on the highest of the Holee Daze. Oh my word = Hole that brings up a question perhaps Gramps, being a man of wisdom and knowledge would know. Q: how deep, is a Hole ?

    Back to the truth behind the burning of the books, see you just can’t talk about these types of topics with out those idiots (Behind = Ass, Assholes …) as hard as one might try these afore mentioned named humans in relation to these types of Smoke Blowing, Cover Ups (thou shalt not Cover thy Neighbors wife as bit more dangerious than covering up Thy Neighbors goods as they = goods typically don’t breath so covering them up wouldn’t put them in harms way perhaps the way that covering up one’s Wife might do.

    Once again as you can see while talking about it just can’t be avoided this topic will always bring you full circle = the circle can’t be broken. Even an explaination of an unbroken circle it equals = a Hole, and you’rr right back to where you started Holes.

    Whenever there’s a cover up as in Thou Shall not be Cover Thy Neighbor Wife does that mean if you stay on top of the bedding your ok, or does it reference the atempt to hide one a Neighbors wife let’s say under some type of cover, which in itself is also relative, being that holes again most likely would come into play during a cover up of this kind.

    More?….you got it Holes they’ll get up into or cause you trouble I’m willing to bet Chumlee is the kind of guy who has had many a problem concerning holes through out his life. whats behind hole number 1, don’t put yer thinger in a blind hole, black holes all trouble. F-ing holes.

    The need to re-write the same Ole Shit, yet biased as always to fit, tailor made to reflect themseleves in a more favorable light.

    As our Gay Lighting and Stage director would say: no, no you silly chumlee’s, just look at that, you call this lighting (forgot a nice jewish gay lighting and stage director) you’re washing out thier skin tonessssss, (wipe) See how it’s making them appear ruddy and lifeless they look like my Auntie Margo, all dressed to the nines, floor length fur coat, red pumps, a tanker full of costume Jewelery (note the Jew in jewelery um hmm)this is in August mind you in Chicago, to attend the “Basement off Broadway” with her non Jewish friends the Goy’es yeap Fred and Lilly Goy’es.

    She comes home 1st thing she calls my mom her sister, does she say anything about the play, no the lighting, not yet because she’s shocked to know that these words (here we go again) words Shit, Damn It, God damn it, that Bastard, shake up them Balls Father, what the F …, and a few other choice phases are all Catholic words. As she tells it the History ch maybe interested.

    Catholic words you say, oh my God Auntie Margo! Are you sure,? Yes! How what made you come to this conclusion ?

    Well after we bought our tickets we sat down at some nice tables no ushers, I thought now this is some kinda on the round off Broadway production. And all my goyish girl friends opened their purses, they all began by pulling out tons of stuff, I wasn’t sure but I could swear I saw a personal item that looked like a cigar tube that required batteries. .

    It’s like when we go to brunch at the Yacht club, and we take home all the bagels and lox we can stuff in our purses.
    Fruit and you know its all you can eat. (ya not take)

    Oh thats funny my mom says so what was in their purses all kinds of things little Troll Dolls member those Heddy ? Ya ya and what else each had different stuff some little statues others had pictures of Elvis and JFK I didn’t understand. But I was suspicious when I saw those women from Iran wearing those Black hooded dresses to the floor looked as if they had no feet when they walked. You mean Nun’s. that’s not a Berka.

    They began putting those tickets on the table with tape.
    I thought it was to have the actors and actresses sign autographs after the play, but they had rows of numbers.

    Just then the lights dimmed a bit and I was expecting an old man to walk out as the announcer said and here he is, the man you’ve all been waiting for to start the evenings festivities a round of applauses for Father Jimmy O’Brien.

    He was a nice Gay boy to maybe he was Jewish I couldn’t see him from the waist down but not a old Father like hey said he had a huge Bird Cage he’d spin it around and then he’d go to the microphone and say I-70. the girls were very quite at first they said Margo used those red chips put them on that cards, the thing you keep calling a ticket. you crazy broad.

    The cards are starting to get covered up everyones so quite and then a Lady jumps up she was dressed like a slob to come to a play she had on a nurses outfit that green loose fitting pajama’s and high heels she looked like hell I was gonna say something but she screamed BINGO, that was my first clue this wasn’t a play because they all start yelling.

    SHIT GOD DAMN IT, God Damnit even this man the Father was shocked as he said now ladys please, lets get on with our next Bingo game.

    Then my friend Mary said Margo this man Father O’Brien he’s our favorite priest we always go to mass at 10 on Sundays we like what he has to say about life and God his messages are geared for families with kids. Oh so he’s a Rabbi yes, so he’s married he relates to families. So That’s what you like about him. No, No he’s not married whew I was going to say good thing because he’s gay, I can tell like your son the stage manager can’t even get us in the back door, big shot.

    Again he’s calling the numbers from the little balls and we’re covering the numbers. Then they tell me that lady with the nurses clothes, she just won $100 dollars. Oh so this is like Las Vegas ? shhhhhh no, sssshhh this games worth $250.

    Yes but keep it to yourself they have more things in that back room over there like card game and dice. Thats when I said I think I’d like to buy a few more tickets to the play.

    Who’s in there the men our husbands and others. So were out here like window dressing, when you couldn’t legally drink alkeyhaul ? To keep the police away from th joint ?

    No not quite see there’s policemen here, besides that was along time ago. But you’re right about one thing Shit, Damn it!, all those words are to show how pissed we get when someone else wins Bingo.

    So Iam correct those are Catholic words that are meant to be used at BINGO but people started using them in public and it caught on and according to our gay one, the stage and lighting directors. According to Auntie Margo that’s how swear words were created, invented thes History of swear words. She needs to watch the History Channel..

    I was hoping you guys would do a special about the orgins of Pawn Shops and their Humble Beginings before the days of making several daily bank deposits using wheel barrels, to get it there.

    I’ve been a professional Musician most of my life starting at age 13. I’ve played every type of party, bar, nite clubs, areans, indoor / outdoor concerts, later I began to do Music for sound tracks of non hollywood movie productions, like training films and safety films, while working at General Motors my day time job, the one type of gig I didn’t play was the touring band thing, you usally come home owing more than you made.

    Besides a 40hr a week job offered many more bennies than any working class Musicain ever dreamed of, Health and Dental Plans, paid days off, paid Vacation time, a paycheck that didn’t bounce. Yes it was a candy ass way out of being a starving artist yet it didn’t offer that huge dream factor of making it big cashing in, it’s my turn, we struck gold, I’m gonna buy all my friends a car, hey lets go Joe Walsh on a hotel room and see what happens. NO Thanks I can’t say I’ve had as rich an experience as the guys who made it huge of course its always something to ponder.

    In Europe as we were told there were 40hr work weeks for Musicians for all type of different jobs related to Music of course today actually offers many more Job opertunities for Musicians than ever before. Live work at Theme Parks and Events, Digital recording tech for those of us with a tech back round, as well the old school Music Director for a Church, grade schools, High Schools though many of those types of Jobs have been iffy as of late. Changes like to political climate do, if theres a budget for artistic side of life of course this is something the High Brows, and Got Rocks fail to support. Sports gets money tossed at it in a very deliberated way. People of the greed and corprate world mentallity find a relationship of Leadership and Teamwork can be nurtured here.

    Well as I was saying the History of Pawn Shop was Something I happened upon as I said before I worked at GM for the safety blanket it could provide a guy like me soome one willing to work a full time Job, and maintain a High profile Local Bar Band. Money $$ yeah we did very well even extremly well at times. A time Line High School sucked race riots prevailed thanks to Fred Hampton so it was 1967,8,9 I was scheduled to grad 1970 but I was already making more than my Father or any other adult in my Neighborhood which was very empowering and silly at the sametime. Yes I fucked off in High School because I could afford to do so don’t get me wrong I wasn’t allowed to quit school to concentrate on the bar band no way.

    In fact just the opposite was true my father was one of those guyus the son of Italian legals that came here to flee the class was of the old world. They came with a genuine love for America one they’d harbored all their lifes if I could only get to America before it’s to late. My Gramps was here in the early 1900’s asked to come as a skilled tradesman he busted his ass as a young man believing he would save it all go back to Italy buy his way up the social eco ladder, one didn’t exsist he was robbed and made an ass of. his only way to return to America build his future here.

    He was the non believer type on the other side of my DNA wagon my grandma family had been here since the late 1700’s early 1800’s building huge homes for the Rich and famous she met my grampa who had the dream after all he was from the same area that Christopher Colunbus was from he joined the Italian Navy to get here so he could jump ship and live in America, no shit for real. So my dad grew up with high a school whats a high school. No way you a big boy you go to work with you papa from now on.

    So he was bound and determined I would finnish HS if he had to kill me to do it. Despite the Racial riots the black panthers pressence in the schools which made for a non learning enviroment I found my only way out of get killed or be killed high was to join the Navy at the time they had just the Program for kids like me you’ll finnish high school here garenteed to satify our parents and College after or on the job and College depending on course of study and apittude test placement + the plus side for them was they had us for 4 more. I was happy with the deal I was away from my own personal Drill Instructor jes the real deal he was in the NAvy came home got a draft notice didn’t reply believing it to be an error. the Army MP came and took him straight to boot camp but upon learning of his duty ing the Navy as presidental guard they sent him to a six week course and he bacame a Drill Instructor for the next 4 years of his life. I became his Cadet, grunt , jar head from the day he got out until I joined the Navy myself knowning it was the only place he wouldn’t come looking for me. NOw he wasn’t a big man and by my 16th birthday I most likely could have been a contender (couldve fought back ) but never would out of respect. BUt if it was today’s world he’d been in prision for a long time conviction child abuse. Didn’t understand his own strenght although he made me tough he also made me fear and hate him for along long time.

    I was self taught Musician played five Insturments through out grade school and high school. I won the Ted Mack amatuer show in Chicago Playing the songs Exodus, the days of Wine and Roses, and the Autumn Leaves. Pretty tough for adults pretty impressive for a kid. I also played on a few Local Kids TV shows. I learned most of it while listening to Pop radio stations of the day born in 1953 it was just getting good and so was I until a teacher pimped me out and told the old man “your kids we love him dearly he’s done so much to nring attention to our schools music department but you see were going to IL. State finals and were depending on his win to earn us all kinds of funding for the school yeah? so he’ll win if he wants to ? yes he’s done great so far but you see at this one they just pukk out a song title and hand you the sheet music the student then gets 15 mins to look it over play it a few times in a private room with judges watching and then they are to preform the piece on stage, and are judges by talent accuracy blah , blah so what’s the big deal ? Well you see Ricky has been or should I say he’s not been reading the Sheet music or any other kind of Music that is. What are you talking about he don’t know how to read the music.

    My old man Bull Shit he’s just playing with you ? no he’s not ! Honest to God our ace in the hole he can’t read the Music ? I’ve seen him do it at home he has all that shit we been buying from you for years hundereds of dollars of that crap and now he’s telling you he can’t read it no we telling you he can’t he never told anyone until today, you know how he always says hey teach do me the favor play it for me once before you leave. Why do you want me to play it for you so I can hear how it goes. Now that kid can out play me on my finest day infact I can’t teach him anything he knows more than I do. The truth is I felt as if he always aked me to play it so he could see just how bad I’d play it to boost his ego.

    But the reality of that is he didn’t know the song and to keep from penciling in the notes and then erasing the notes from the page once he learned it. If the sonfg was something he could hear on the radio he would learn it that way. I had always thought he was adding his own flare and way of playing as you can tell he has already developed as style of his own and that don’t happen with normal kids until they’ve become adults and have been playing with other professionals for years. But he has been playing with adults in that Chicago Stage band he plays all the swing big band, and Straight Ahead jazz stuff. Well we knew a little about that but those people they don’t read Music and were guessing they have influnenced him by telling him it’s ok after talking to Ricky he seems to be of that same mind set.

    No way he can’t read that Music what about the Sax and the Clarinet he plays those too yes we know he said he won a Hammond organ on a TV show yes he has an organ abd a Grand Piano we just bought hin as well. YOu better get him in here and lets see if he’s just teasing us. The Piano teacher tells on me even worse he goes on to say, Once I thought he was asking me to play it before you leave game on me and so I played it in different key than the Music was written in of course the next week when he played it for his grade I noticed he was playing in the key I have transposed it to the week before. I then asked him why he learned it in that key he said oh do you want to hear it in a different one? and he proceeded to play it in 3 keys before I said stop.

    Well my old man went nutz huge ? A rage which landed me the smart ass who cheated the Music while playing by ear as it wsa the only way I was allowed out of the house. Play the song correctly no mistakes and you can go out which meant for a week until the next song was my task, oh I loved to play but I didn’t like doing his bidding. My dad’s because if and when I would make a mistake he’d beat my ass with a wooden spoon. a favorite tool of Italians. Leaves what looks like an Octopus had ya in its grasp. Up one leg down the other.

    He believed in the huge punishment which usally caused stiches and I’d have to rwll the people in the emergency room that I fell or other stupid stories only once did a Dr. say hey buddy did your Dad beat you up ? yeah but don’t tell him I said so or he’ll kill me next time. Once he starts hitting me he don’t know how to stop and if the younger kids do something wrong around the house I take the blame because I can usally take the beating. But I learned not to cry which only pissed him off all the more which brought on push up position, arms out front he’d place large heavy books on my hands if I dropped one the time started all over again.

    So time passed as it always does and I did my tiemon the Navy learning they weren’t as hard ass as my old man was I now feared nothing and no one again not a great idea many bar fights before I lost and stopped that best part I don’t drink never liked it much and seeing as how I was playing with adults in bars since 14, I was watched but after a taste I decieded it just wasn’t for m anyhow. I studied at several Jr. Colleges Electronics, in order to fix my own gear as I now owned many Keyboard insturments. General Motors Sent me to their GMI a college geared for engineering that fit the business. I studied design engr. there and I later became a Master Mech, after being a pipe fitter, Tool Maker, Pattern Maker, Machinist, Safetyman. Jig and Fixture Builder. 13 yrs later I was chrushed by a fork lift truck driver the type with the counter balance that’s about 7 feet high. It crushed 4 discs and 3 vertabre it my back.

    While in the Hospital I began building computers in order to enhance my music and to automate a stage light show. I helped to design whats on every PC in the world wih a sound card an interface that allows Keyboard inst, to initerface with the pc now all can be tied to the same. In and out of the Hopsital for 3 yrs I lost my finacial ass, house, gear , the only thing I had left was my ambision. I was asked by several Musical Insturment makers to come work for them to Loyal to GM I polietly declined. While GM was just in phase one of the continued downsizing of its operations, I was lost in the mess they left in chicagoland then 1986.

    Again opertunity came a knocking I was aked to be a represenative for the third time this time I took it I began to teach at Electronics digital recording tech, Musical Insturment interfacing, effects proccessors, maen while I was on the road 4 days a week covering WIs, MIch, IL, Minn and a few others not worth the mention. I did well my back was holding up some how I learned to ignore the pain.

    And heres where you come in in my travels many of my sealer base the retailers I sold product to had told me of their long journey from Pawn Shop to modern day music store. In many of my rural areas things were not so modern and I found many more Pawn Shops as a few just happened to be my best dealers (sold the most products giving me a nice commissh sheck each month) I believe you guys are probally connected well enough to have known many of these types of places most likely ONE OF THE MEMBERS OF THAT CLUB . how about it do a special I;m sure theres tons of stories tha would make a great two hour docu. I’m getting the Dirty looks as to why are you on that f-ing computer still I have to do home work .. Call me if you’d like to talk I ‘d also be a player on a few old but loveable to me crappy synthesizers you’ve had sitting there for years by the way Rick change those Guitars the Red Strat the Blue De armond with a chrome tail piede and that Dreagnouht Acoustic they;re behind you in every show much of which may be sound bites but it looks as if those things have been here forever you don’t sell anything you just Keep me hangin on !!! yeah baby/

    Rick Caruso retired at a nice young age 53 but busted up real bad continued spinal cord damage now stuck in the house and on the fixed income of an old man who can’t work but loves to and wishes I could every day If I could I’d be there in a heart beat asking for a job and not leaving until you tried me for a week with out pay just to prove I can do it..

    I live in Madison Wis. cost of Living wanted my kids to grow up with the city influence we can learn that shit any time any where.
    phone NO 312-550-1671 612-512-8122
    Email youve got it ..Best Regards Rick Caruso Synthesist

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