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Information and reviews on the best gaming routers available today. Check out our poll on the best gaming router with over 800 votes from fellow gamers. Join in on the gaming router discussion and submit your own review. New gaming router reviews coming soon. Discover the ideal gaming routers for the XBox Live right here.
Why obtain a gaming router

Ahead of gaming was actually observed being a significant consumer subject everyone needed to perform on the similar equipment without any unique positive aspects to ones gaming setup. Which is no longer the case and there is a important advantage to having the best gear when enjoying games competitively. Even if you perform just for enjoyable around the XBox Live isnt successful more typically going to be a lot more fun

The D-Link DGL-4100 details and reviews. Pros and cons for the D-Link DGL-4100 gaming modem router.

The D-Link DGL-4100 is often a wired router which Ill constantly favor over wireless. Certainly you must deal with running cables but thats generally not a challenge along with the wired routers eventually have the top link. Best clerk in pawn stars the game
The D-Link DGL-4100 strong points-
GameFuel Priority Technology-
Gives one of the most power to where you will need it most your video games. Created to cut down latency and boost network performance and performance. High Efficiency CPU-
Supports thousands of concurrent connections producing it fantastic for both peer to see and multiplayer programs. Alt-Tab or multitasking-
The D-Link DGL-4100 allows you to alt tab or minimize the sport with no a damage in sport connection. This is awesome for sport hosts or people who wish to leap correct back again in to the game. 4 Port hub-
Connects up to four computers to some single broadband connection. Simply customizable-
The D-Link DGL-4100 provides easy fantastic tuning of ones gaming wants with 256 pre-configured ports and solutions to add new purposes or recreation settings.
D-Link DGL-4100 consumer evaluations and ratings- Out of 41 customer evaluations and ratings the D-Link DGL-4100 obtained an typical of 4.five from five stars an incredibly good rating.
You may have a look at and read all the consumer critiques Here. Scroll for the bottom for evaluations

D-Link DGL-4300 information and critiques. Pros and cons to the D-Link DGL-4300 wireless gaming router.

A low-cost but extremely efficient wireless model of the original D-link gaming router but this one is for wireless connections. It sports all of the same characteristics as the wired model see previously mentioned with no all the headache of operating ethernet cables all through your house. I still suggest the wired model for greatest connectivity but at times that is just not feasible plus the D-Link DGL-4300 does an incredible job at a terrific cost.
This wireless gaming router consists of a mounting kit using a vertical stand and detachable antenna. It may nonetheless be used horizontally at the same time.
D-Link DGL-4300 consumer reviews and ratings- Out of 102 consumer critiques and ratings the D-Link DGL-4300 obtained an typical rating of 4.five from five stars which translates approximately to a seriously really awesome wireless gaming router.
It is possible to have a look at all of the technical specs and read all of the consumer reviews Here. Just scroll to the bottom for evaluations.
D-Link DGL-4500 facts and reviews. Pros and cons for your D-Link DGL-4500 wireless gaming router.

The other much more high-priced version with the D-link wireless router. This one capabilities dual band technologies. Though quite a little a lot more pricewise than a lot of the other wireless gaming routers its had many good reviews and is suggested especially for those who experience slow downs when somebody else on your network is employing the internet also.
All in all I recommend this router only if you would like a high quality wireless gaming router that wont slow down your connections when a person else in your network is downloading. It capabilities the similar powerful factors because the more affordable version of the wireless D-Link outlined over.
D-Link DGL-4500 consumer evaluations and ratings- Out of 19 complete customer critiques and ratings this router has received an average of four out of five stars. Not bad but the competition is stiff.
Study all the critiques to the D-Link DGL-4500 Here. Scroll for the bottom for that evaluations and ratings.
Linksys WRT330N information and facts and evaluations. Pros and cons for your Linksys WRT330N wireless gaming router.

The very first thing that Ive to say about this gaming router is that it appears amazing. This really is without a doubt the top looking wireless router Ive ever before noticed and on leading of that it actually delivers on performance as well.
Linksys WRT330N robust factors-
Excellent wireless signal-
Employing MIMO technologies the Linksys WRT330N uses multiple radios to create a far reaching and quite robust sign. Constructed in optimizer-
Similar to D-links GameFuel technology the optimizer boosts network performance and reduced lag. four point hub-
Connects up to four computer systems to your broadband connection.
Linksys WRT330N customer reviews and ratings- From a complete of 50 consumer evaluations and ratings the Linksys WRT330N wireless router receives an average of 4 from five stars making it a solid expense.
You may have a look at all of the Linksys WRT330N specs and critiques Here. Scroll down for evaluations

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