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For those of you who dont recognize me my name is Megan Went up by Gedris. For the past 7 years my personal primary activity may be writing and pulling comics with LGBT designs. I also do a large amount of prose short reports and novels which include LGBT people and I have written a lot of nonfiction on the subject as well.
I hear a lot from other authors about how they would love to include gay personas in their stories but you are too afraid of messing them up so they dont try. And thats no real. I dont like seeing people discouraged by including entire sets of people in their reports. So lets fix factors eh
Before we into things Let me make a point about one thing. This lens is referred to as writing gay characters but it would likely more accurately be termed writing non-straight characters. But since that consider s a lot more keying in and frankly appears clunky I think of it as gay characters. Blacknudepictures I could say queer except for me that word has always recommended strange and I have a hard time constantly referring to LGBT people so.
Why write gay figures at all
There are lots of top reasons to write gay characters into your stories.
A single- Challenge yourself. It is easy to write about those who are a lot like you. But easy and good are not usually one and the very same when it comes to writing. Get yourself out of your comfort zone grow those writing muscle groups in new ways.
2- It means a great deal to us. One thing which fiction can do for people is give them an escape a place they can head to feel less by yourself. For a lot of gay people being able to see themselves mirrored in their media are a wide boost to the self confidence especially for those who are from the closet.
3- The world needs more gay and lesbian characters. I am regularly trying to find fiction that is both interesting in my opinion and includes lesbian and gay people. Youd be stunned how hard this is. I find books which include gay characters but often they are boring if you ask me. There isnt a lot of range in the current selection of homosexual fiction. The more people that write it greater different stories receive told.
4- Gain. The result of 2 and 3 gay and lesbian people are desperate for reports they can relate to and in addition they dont have a lot to chose from. Often were also so desperate for depictions of ourselves that we pounce upon anything remotely lgbt. Writing for the sake of financial resources are rarely good. However i understand that people complete write for money and some of them still be capable of be good at it. If this sounds your goal consider writing some gay heroes.
5- Art echos life. The world is not a place without gay people so why if your stories be Include them in since it is realistic for them to be there.

Gay Characters vs. Characters That Just Happen to Be Gay A new distinction.
Consider the pursuing paragraphs of fictional-
Scenario 1- Bert was standing outside his powerful officers door hand hanging over it unclear whether he should knock or not. He beloved military life up until his platoon mates experienced found the picture within his pack. The picture associated with Bert and Mike in addition to their daughter on vacation. Today he woke up everyday to constant proposition the words fudgepacker written about his forehead in permanent marker. Gays have been allowed in Celebrity Fleet but very few wanted to be in it in addition to Bert was starting to realize why…
Scenario 2- Bert was standing on the cliff face his breath trapped in his throat. Treading out into a blitz of raygun fire they could do. Elevations not so much. He remembered going to the gym together with his boyfriend and their girl and Mike acquired wanted to go on the mountaineering wall. Even forty five feet up Bert received started to feel light headed. Now almost one mile up a cliff face with some magic size safety gear there are no words to explain his fear…
Thus can you see the difference In scenario 1 Bert is a Gay Personality. The conflict with the story revolves around him being gay. If perhaps Bert wasnt gay thered be no tale or a much unique one. In predicament 2 Bert is still gay and lesbian but he has added things on his mind. The plot of land doesnt revolve around Berts gayness anymore than a straight sci-fi militarymans narrative would revolve around his her straightness.
Theres nothing wrong together with either one. They both have their place and different people love different types of stories. Although scenario 2 signifies that you dont have to hollow out and about a gay very little hole in your account to make room with regard to gay characters. People can be gay with out getting in the way of the story plot you want to write and unless a characters straightness can be pivotal to the plot you can actually make any kind of character gay.
You dont have to make a big deal from it either. In situation 2 Bert didnt have an enormous coming out to get us all to know he ended up being gay. In fact the saying gay wasnt even used. It was just a great offhand detail about Berts living back at home that gave relevance to help his current situation. And this little offhand detail is going to mean a lot to any kind of gay readers.

Staying away from cliches.
So now you know that you can have gay figures in your story. But exactly how to actually write these individuals What makes a gay identity gay
At its most basic level the only real difference is that homosexual characters are interested in the same sex. There is no widespread gay experience. For many its a nonissue and for others its a major part of their own identities.
In this era Gay is a lifestyle. Not every gay bodys part of it the same way you cannot assume all black person loves RB and not every woman enjoys makeup. But some dark people do just like RB and some women do like makeup and yes several gays really do love techno new music and interior design.
It is good to be aware of generalizations cliches and overused tropes regardless of youre writing knowning that goes double pertaining to writing minorities. Straight people have a huge pool of stories in relation to straight people to pick from. If they find a tale they dont like that they toss it and discover a new one. But when you are in a minority with not many men and women writing about you there isnt a lot to choose from if you need to read about people like you. And also seeing the same old fatigued storylines is disheartening.
While thousands of years connected with human storytelling has made it pretty hard to not fall into at least a couple of cliches in any story you can avoid the big people. Killer bisexuals pregnant lesbians fraudulent gay men. These kinds of among other tropes are already done to death. Accomplishing them again irritates readers and enables you to look like a sluggish writer.
How do you prevent falling into these tired storylines Some basic study. You dont have to put in carbamide peroxide gel in your hair as well as go incognito to the nearby gay club living amongst the gays for several weeks taking notes most Jane-Goodall-style. Talk to gay men and women
Dont know any The internet is full of them.
End up being respectful when you question your questions even if the particular person you ask gets snippy. For most gay people they get asked exactly the same questions over and over well as over again. Even though this is the first time you are inquiring these questions its most likely not the first time this kind of gay person provides heard them. If they dont want to talk about this find someone else.
Cannot find any gays even on the net There is a place to ask me questions underneath. I will endeavor to allow you to write better gays.
Avoid at any expense A short list of overused plots
Pregnant Lesbians. I really enjoy seeing people who write lesbians think theyre being unbelievably original by having a tale about a lesbian couple hoping to get pregnant. This has recently been done exactly 2405305 times before. It creates a scenario where in spite of not having relationships with men the lesbians nonetheless need men certainly.
Evil gays. Somehow people see it very easy to publish gay villains or more often bisexual villains. But… but… villains are more enjoyable to write and I desired my gay persona to be fun.Inch Well if they usually are not balanced by some great gay characters after that all you have are a bunch of evil gays.
Slutty gay adult males slutty bisexuals. Gay adult men and bisexuals of each genders are often represented as unable to devote promiscuous and cold-hearted. Particularly with bisexual people there is a wrongly diagnosed idea that they cannot constitute their minds and continuously switch back and forth among men and women and will try and sleep with any situation that moves.
The U-Haul. Lesbians have the opposite problem. Weve been shown as and so commitment hungry in which were lifelong associates after one day. This is crazy conduct.
Group em collectively. I have one figure who is a lesbian. Ive another character that is a lesbian. Theyre including made for each other appropriate Wrong. You can have lesbian and gay people who know one another and have zero passionate interest in each other.
Closeted homophobe. Im necessarily mean because deep down Now im just like you. Sure this happens and it is depressing and dramatic. But this story have been told too many occasions. Find another way to generate drama in your characters lives.
I wasnt really homosexual Also known as oh will it be sweeps again alreadyInch this mostly is applicable to things like television and also serial stories. A personality who showed no same-sex inclinations previously will test out someone of the same making love but either does not have any intentions of actually pursuing a gay relationship or finally decides to stick while using opposite sex. That isnt to mention you cant have characters who are questioning their sexuality but attempt not to make it glaringly obvious of which Lisa only slept with Mary because you were afraid of losing readers curiosity.
Appealing to the opposite sex. Using lesbians to get straight men readers or lesbian and gay men to get direct female readers is absolutely annoying and perhaps essentially the most overused gay cliche of them all. Many straight women love reports about lesbians and directly men are perfectly fine reading about lesbian and gay men.
Dead gays. We spoke too soon. Here is the most annoying in addition to overused gay saying of them all. Gays end up being redshirts manufactured to die for the sake of your straight characters. Really dont create a gay identity just to die.
Tokens Good with the carnivale bad for your testimonies.
Some writers are scared that if they only get one gay figure that character can feel like a token persona made gay in order to say Hey Look at everyone I wrote a new gay personIn So if you have just one do you have to go full-blown L-Word on your story
No. Publish as many gay personas as you like.
The trick for you to avoiding characters arriving off like wedding party is how you cope with them. Do they get their own storylines Do they seem like they should be in the story Do they have characteristics outside of stereotypes Hopefully you can response yes to these questions.
Romantic endeavors- How Much is Too Considerably Not Enough Season in order to taste
I obtain a lot of feedback alone work and I study reviews of some other works with gay characters. There are two big along with conflicting complaints-
Too much sex. Gay folk have lives outside the room you know.
Not ample sex. Gay folks have sex lives also.
While its not hard to write this away as Gay people have no clue what they really wantInches there is a bit of validity to both fights. There needs to be a balance in between promiscuous player and celibate and lots of writers have a hard time locating this balance.
A good rule of thumb- Let the homosexual characters do it the exact same amount as the straight characters. Split that along character significance. If a straight principal character has By amount of romance subsequently so should some sort of gay main identity. If a secondary directly character has Y amount of romance then the secondary gay persona should have Y number of sex.
So if the story has no 1 having any relationship of any kind then do not feel you have to supply your gay people love scenes. Should your story is just one big orgy then your gay characters should be getting just as much as their straight cohorts.
Do I have to give my gay characters a girlfriendboyfriend
Not necessarily if you dont want to as well as again refer to your as often as straight characters principle. Having a story because of the straight people inside happy couples along with the gay person alone is a bit unfair along with readers will get discouraged.
I want to include lgbt romance. So how should i write it anyhow
Honestly depending on how sensual you make it it can be more or less the same as heterosexual love. The gender makeup are a bit various. Who holds the doorway open Who will buy who flowers You can find fewer rules in relation to gay relationships. Consider this to be an opportunity for literary independence.
I dont want to get into sexual intercourse with this because Im hoping to keep this a G-rated zoom lens so as far while how gay men and women actually do it nicely youre on the internet. I believe you will figure it out. The internet is full of genuinely kinky stuff. Several gay people are perverted while others are very vanilla flavor. Keep that in mind.
What about butchfemme dynamics Someone is always the man along with the other is the woman proper
Wrong. Very drastically wrong. While many gay couples do enjoy a butchfemme build in their relationship as well as follow a lot of exactly the same gender guidelines which straight couples complete many other couples are usually femmefemme butchbutch or I-hate-gender-rolesI-hate-gender-roles. Have a lesbian couple with two femmes They both buy each other bouquets. Have a lesbian couple together with two butches They loathe flowers and buy one another a nice shirt.
The St . vs. The Satanic force Stay away from extremes.
And so you cant make them nasty promiscuous etc. Does that mean they have to have no imperfections whatsoever

Of course not. You do not need them to be fully evil but totally good isnt good producing either.

Good and also evil lie using a spectrum. Its not grayscale. Characters can have faults without being evil.

The gay man might be really cheap and stingy. The lesbian could be swift to carry an illogical grudge. The bisexual could like Linkin Park. All of these are flaws but not Youre exploring special Hell flaws.
Gay figures in childrens young adult fiction
Theres nothing wrong having gay people yet kids shouldnt know about it.
You will get gay characters in stories for youngsters. There is nothing inherently adult about gay people. Theyre no more about gender than straight consumers are. A gay person simply existing inside a story is no cause of alarm.
If you feel you need to explain gay individuals your younger followers focus on the love facet of it rather than the intercourse aspect. Mike droped in love with John. Alice droped in love with Christy. Kids are obviously aware that love is present in the world. They view men and women together as well as nobody has to look at the birds and the bees with them. So you do not have to go over the bees along with the bees.
Fixing It Ive been unintentionally writing horrible gay and lesbian characters for years HalpIn .

So youve published a story about a slutty bisexual pregnant serial killer Very well lets go over some methods to turn that around.
Bring back the balance. And that means you have a gay persona with a bunch of damaging characteristics. You can make items better by having a couple of straight people with the identical negative characteristics featuring that its not just lesbian and gay people who act that way. Or you can have a number of gay people who lack those negative qualities. The second choice is the better one.
Mend their own ways. Who says characters cant alter their minds If characters dont change at all then youre writing improperly gay or direct. So whos to express one of those changes are not towards a positive much less cliche direction
Produce them out. Repeat the process later. So maybe you could have come to realize that theres practically nothing you can do to make the better. It might be occasion for that character for making their grand depart. Please dont eliminate them off should you havent already. Youll be able to either introduce a new gay character with this story or produce a new story.
One Remaining Thing to Keep in Mind
The particular gay community is notoriously picky regarding how people write about them. And because the people inside gay community are incredibly diverse you will will have some people who feel youre doing a terrible job writing about these.
I cannot speak for the complete gay community when i state this but so far as I am concerned when you write with the ideal intentions and actually seek to educate yourself and check out writing gay heroes well then youre carrying out alright. Take helpful criticism into account however ultimately know that youll never be able to please everybody in any genre.
Yoda says Do or do not. There isnt a try. It doesnt apply here. You should always try out.
FAQ Answers to some frequently asked questions.

Additional will be added as time goes on you are writing questions that compell everyone.

Why dont you include trans men and women in this lens
Due to the fact trans is not a sexuality. You will be trans and gay trans along with straight trans and bisexual. Trans people have some related issues but sufficient differences to guarantee Writing Trans Characters always be its own lens.
There is the fact that since I cannot even speak for your community I am part of its even harder to speak for a neighborhood I am not part of.
While i do a similar lens for Writing Trans Personas I will have some visitor writers helping myself along. But its not something I can build myself.

How significant is it to showcase someones sexuality produce a big deal out of it
Recall the scenarios above while using gay character vs the character that just happened to be gay What it is there to show is definitely either way works. A few characters make continuous mention of their different sexuality while persons its a non-issue.
Some gay readers will like which you address the characters sexuality and think that not really talking about it would be a go to cover it up. Different gay readers will like that you dont address it giving a sense of this bodys normal and theres much more to them than sexuality.
It is up to your tastes to write it and your readers tastes to read that. There is no set quota for how often you have to mention your identity is OMGgay.

You have a complete bunch of things in the Avoid at all costs section. I will avoid all of those points All of them
If you want to compose something original yes. There are a hundred gay character cliches but I stated the ones that I did as they are either the most over used the most harmful or both.
You would possibly look at one of these along with think Oh but I choice I can use one of such in a different way thats never been done before Believe me it has been done before.
I actually only listed being unfaithful cliches. There are more than 9 things you can do with a gay persons character. When the only things you affiliate gay people with are usually pregnant slutty evil expended etc. then you will discover your Friend of the Gays cards getting revoked.

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