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Boston Map

boston map


  • The first English colonists arrived in Boston circa 1630
  • By 1770, Boston was a hotbed of anti-british sentiment

This guy found this in his parents basement cleaning.

He is looking for $550 since it says that on the back of it lol.

Rick needs to figure out when this thing was made.  Expert Time!!

Dana is called in as an expert. Lets see if this thing is legit! 😉

Dana points out the offsetting which is from other pages and shows that it is legit. On the corner you see S lodge sculptor and that was who made the plate press for it.

IT was from the London Magazine. This map was made in 1774 and we were still under rule.

Dana thinks it is worth around $1200-1500 and in a good auction maybe even more! cha ching!! nice

Rick is pumped!! Rick offers him the $550. DEAL $550 Looks like this guy can go buy some more weed haha.

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