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Stamp Quiz

Pawn Stars Stamp Quiz

Who was featured on the most popular stamp in US history?

A. George Washington

B. Elvis Presley

C. Mickey Mouse

Answer – B; The Elvis stamp was released in 1993 and sold over 120 million copies.

Elvis Stamp

Pawn Star Quiz About Ulysses S Grant

Ulysses S GrantWhat crime was Ulysses S Grant arrested for while serving as President?

A.    embezzling

B.     speeding

C.    assault


Answer: B – Ulysses S Grant had his horse and buggy impounded for speeding and he had to walk home; to the White House!

Robby The Robot Quiz

Robby the robot  The word robot was coined in 1920 from the Czech word “robota” which means:

A.    repeated task


B.     mechanical human


C.     compulsory labor


Answer:  C –  Compulsory labor introduced in Czech playright Karel Capek’s “Rossum’s Universal Robots”

James Gang Quiz

James GangHow old was Jesse James when he robbed his first bank?

A.     8

B.     18

C.     28


Answer:  B –  He was 18 years old when he made off with $62,000 in what turned out to be his biggest heist ever!

Lucky Luciano Quiz

Lucky Luciano

How much money did Lucky Luciano make from criminal activity in 1935?

A.    $120,000

B.    $1,200,000

C.    $12,000,000


Answer: B – Lucky Luciano made $1.2 million in 1935 alone. This would be equivalent to $198 million today!

Steve Tyler Quiz

Tyler - Perry photoAerosmith was formed in New Hampshire in 1970. They’ve been on a great run ever since with many great hits to their credit. It would be hard to find anyone not familiar with tunes like Walk This way, Dream On, Movin’ Out, Dude Looks Like A Lady and many, many more.

Joe Perry was an original guitarist of the band but today’s question is:

Where did Steve Tyler first meet Joe Perry?

A. Rock Concert

B. Church

C. Ice cream shop


Answer: C – Joe Perry worked at an ice cream shop

Quiz on Dale Earnhardt

Dale Earnhardt

Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Sr. was an American race car driver who gained fame driving race cars for NASCAR and winning many championships. He was involved in a car accident during the last lap of the Daytona 500 on February 18, 2001.  He was taken to Halifax Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 5:16 p.m. after sustaining blunt force trauma to the head. Earnhardt was 49 years old. The event was highly publicized and generated intense interest from the media and resulted in various safety improvements in NASCAR auto racing.


Although he won 76 races over the course of his career including 7 Winston Cup victories, what place did he come in on his first try for the Winston Cup?


      1. 1st Place
      2. 9th Place
      3. 22nd Place

Answer: 3 – 22nd Place

Steve McQueen Quiz

What famous movie role did Steve McQueen turn down?

A.  Scarface

B.  Popeye Doyle

C.  Sundance Kid

Answer – C.  Sundance kid – He refused the role because he was denied top billing over Paul Newman

Babe Ruth Quiz

Besides baseball, what was Babe Ruth’s other talent.

A Juggling

B Opera Singing

C Sewing

Answer – C Sewing – He worked in a shirt factory as a child.

Old mans Name quiz

What is the Old Man’s real name?

A.  Richard Corey Harrison

B.  Old Man Harrison

C.  Richard Benjamin Harrison

Answer –  C