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Put Up Your Dukes- 1/31/2011


Army Coat– Not sure of the war, just knows Philippines, was his grandpa’s. Possibly
WWI era? Rick calls for an expert….It’s Mark the historian/museum admin…it’s a
1902 dress uniform coat, artillery, stripes show time in service and war, from the
Philippine Insurrection, It’s missing the US mark and the belt, a very nice piece
though….Rick offers 200, This guy don’t like that..,Rick breaks it down for him..!

Old Book– Supposedly belonged to Sir Issac Newton, wow, unbelievable! It’s from his
personal library, all latin, this could be worth a fortune!…bring in the expert..
.Heres Gary, antique book expert,published in 1546! It’s about alchemy, not the
original binding, probably redone in the 1700’s, it is from newtons library!…It
was Newtons! Amazing! A value of approx…20,000! omg! He asks for 15000, Old Man
says he’ll do 5000, now 10000 from owner, still 5000 from the Old Man, owner drops
to 7000, now 6000 Old Man, he needs dinner,lol…The guy says 7000 and he’ll buy

old cell phone– Portable bag phone, they used to be worth 500, 5yrs ago, because of
their range capabilities. Unfortunately, the satellite companies cut them off over
the last few years. Hoss throws a 5 dollar offer, lol….deal!

Old man shows Rick the book, he’s amazed, he finds writing, could be Newtons! The
value would skyrocket! Time for another expert…….here’s Drew, an expert in
handwriting, he pulls out the magnifying glass, there’s tiny quill pen writing and
alchemy notes, everything looks good, unfortunately it’s not Issac’s writing, ahhh
man, still big time value though!

John Wayne memorabilia collection– There’s over 80 pieces here, Wayne was a huge
American Icon, the most acted at 142 roles, too bad Rick’s not really interested,
there’sjust nothing he can do with it….no deal

Darth Pawn- 1/31/2011


Star wars– Two life size statues,Darth Maul and Jar Jar Binks, only 250 made, they
were promo for ep1 phantom menace. The papers say they’re worth 1000 each, he wants
600 each, Rick offers 400 total, he stands at 1200, Rick counters with 300 a piece.
…no deal! He says they’ll be sorry,lol…

Aircraft Octant
– A navigation tool for sailors, got it from his grandpa. It’s from
the 1942 era , old man is says Rick don’t know what he’s talking about, lol, bring
in the expert….here’s Mark, it looks all original, not very scarce though, no
one has an idea on price, Rick offers 200, 300 counter from owner, 250 from Rick…!

– A 1763? This guy found it in a old house in a box with quilts! Just
amazing! There’s approx only 650 left in the world, if it’s real, it’s worth
millions! Rick thinks its a copy, he’s probably right, time for the expert…….
Kevin checks it…wood is correct, there’s a chance, lol, bridge looks right…
awww, it’s a copy! It was made in the 20’s, in Germany or Czechoslovakia. It’s
valued at about 500, Rick doesn’t want it… deal

Nintendo Virtual Boy– The first 3d gaming system, made in 1995, it totally bombed,
they hurt your eyes, and were pretty much lame overall. He ask for 200, it’s a big
no from Big Hoss, counters with 80, dude asks 110, Hoss says no..80…!

Antique Carriage– It’s actually a Doctor’s Buggy, made in the 1880’s, they were
lighter and faster than other wagons, it’s all orignal, wow! She asks 800, Rick
counters with 500, She says no, 650 now from Rick…She ain’t having it…Rick’s
thinking of the turnaround value….he wants it…he goes 700……deal!

PEDAL CAR-1/24/2011


Antique Pedal Car– Pedal cars were introduced in the 1890’s soon after real cars, they skyrocketed after
WWII,this guy picked it up at a flea market in Ca, it’s from the 50’s and must be restored, he bought it
for 20 bucks! They can be worth up to 100000! Ric with an 80 offer, he wants 125, uh oh, Chum steps up
with a 100 limit, Ric is shocked, lol! 100 Ric says….deal!…Time to take it to Danny for restoration.
..he’s never touched a pedal car, but he’s up for it! 200-300 he thinks to restore….here we go,sweet!
It looks awesome! Fully restored, very impressive, with the hot rod graphics and new hardware! Cost- 400,
a little more but not bad, it’ll sell for 1000 easy, only 500 invested, this will bring a nice profit!

Titanic Chess Set– Made from wood salvaged from the Titanic! Bought at an auction in NY, a carpenter on
a rescue boat salvaged and created it, impressive! He’s asking 15000, Ric offers 5000, man counters with
10000, 5000 tops….no deal!

Superman record player– From 1978, He wants 250-300, but he’ll take 100. Got it for 80 at an antique
shop in Savannah, Ga. Let’s check it out…it plays! Asks for 100, 125 counter from Ric, now 150, Ric’s
firm at 125….deal!

Can of pearls
– An old can of Can Can pearls, pearls have been valued since 4,000 BC. These are from an
old hardware store the guy cleaned out…Ric says he’ll give him 10 bucks to open it,lol! The guy says
okay! He’s been waiting 10 yrs to see what’s inside! Moment of truth…lmao, they’re just plastic! Oh
well, he made 10 bucks and he keeps the pearls!

Jimi Hendrix poetry
– Jimi was named greatest all time guitarist by the Rolling Stone, the owner thinks
it’s worth 10000-100000, he’s asking 15000. Obtained from Jimi’s relative Ricki Hendrix, whom this guy
worked with. Ric spreads the good word on Jimi, this could be historical! It’s signed by Jimi and dated
1969,no paperwork for authenticity though….bring in the expert…here comes Drew to authenticate it,
Jimi’s signature is one of the most valued out there, he died at 27 so there weren’t many,lyrics seem
right…uh oh, lots of problems, the writing type doesn’t match, it’s not real! This dude isn’t happy,
he disagrees,lol…no deal…he says the expert’s wrong, he’s lived it, lol, rock on!

CASE CLOSED-1/24/2011


Antique Musketoon– Nice! A musketoon is a short barreled musket, big in the 1650 to early 1700’s, picked
up at an estate sale for 200 bucks. He’s clueless, but smart enough to have bought it! Ric’s picking it
apart, locks look wrong, split on the barrel, time for an expert…Sean says it’s a blunderbuss (dutch
for thunder pipe) which is an early musketoon, mainly for ship to ship or more importantly coach to
coach in this case. This one was made for the wealthy, different restoration, replacement hammer, split
barrel, but as is it’s still in the 1000-1500 range! He asks 1250, no way says Ric, the man tries 1000,
600 counter from Ric, now 750…Ric will go 700….sold!

Lotus Europa– 1974 Special Edition, the lady wants 20000, shes got an extra engine too! Her minimum is
15000. It has approx. 24000 orig miles and the original cost of these was about 4500! Lotus is big time,
they’ve been making high end sports cars for a long time, for racing, bond films and your everday car
enthusiasts…let’s check it out…purrs like a kitten! Ric doesn’t want the extra engine, just the car,
she says 17000, he counters with 12000..nope, how bout 12500, still no, her bottom line is 15000, he’ll
go 13000…..sold!

Lindberg kidnapp documents
– Wow, this is amazing! There’s pictures of the baby, the ransom note, lots of
paperwork from the case! This old man got this collection from his grandma who obtained it from Leon
Hoage, who was a detective on the case! In 1932 Lindberg moved to NJ and the baby was stolen soon after,
all that was found was a ladder and the ransom note, it’s one of the biggest stories in history! Bruno
Hauptmann was convicted of the crime, 50000 ransom was paid but the child was never returned, they found
14000 of ransom in Bruno’s house, as well as nails from the attic floor, which were used in the ladder.
Evidence says he’s an innocent man, it was to early for forensics though and someone had to pay,
apparently it was Bruno’s german friend who was staying with him, he disappeared and left money in a
can for Bruno as a thanks for staying, unfortunately it cost him his life! Ric’s overwhelmed…time for
an expert…Mark checks it out, he’s amazed and says its real! A huge piece of history, fascinating! Ric
offers 1000, old guy says 2000, 1500 from Ric….no deal!

Lasonic boom box– Popular mid 70’s-80’s, The old man says they annoyed the crap out of him, lol, Chum
loves it! This guy’s asking 250, Chum steps up, picks it apart…he offers counters with 100, now
85 from Chum…now 90…sold! Way to go Chum!

LUCK OF THE DRAW-1/17/2011


Wyatt Earp Photos- A famous lawman from the old west, this could bring some serious money! It was an
internet purchase, Gilcrest papers, lots of tintype photos, supposedly including Earp and Bat Masterson,
Ric calls for an expert….uh oh, doesn’t look good,no Bat,no Wyatt in pics, letter from Josephine Earp
to John Flood looks authentic, but no proof….no deal,looks like this poor guy got scammed on the net

Antique pistols– pistols date back to 15th century, Ric guesses 1830-1870 on these. Single shot, nice
case, great condition! He’s looking for a grand…bring in the expert!….they aren’t dueling pistols,
they’re target pistols, 1840-1850’s Belgium, France…5000-8000 value, Ric offers 2500, owner counters
with 7000, 3000 tops, 4000 counter….Ric sticks with 3000….deal!

Old Schlitz Lamp– Before Schlitz, it was Krug, Krug died and Schlitz moved in on his lady and took over
the company, it really took off after the big fire of 1871. These are big with collectors, a semi rare
piece. He’s asking 100, Hoss counters with 50, now 75, 60 counter from owner..he’s had it a while…deal!

Antique fishing lures
– Lures date back to Ancient Rome, the hardwood hand painted ones are usually the
most expensive. Great collection here, beer cans, hardwood hand painted, a lot of unique lures. Ric
offers 600, the man wants 1000, Ric says he’ll take a shot on them….deal!

Gold Medal– From the 1984 Summer Olympics in LA, USA won 83 events, yeah we’re good..he wants 2 grand,
he’ll take 1 though. He got it from a pawn in 1987 at his old shop, they can be valued anywhere from
1000-100000! But as Ric notes, this is not a Carl Lewis medal or anything, lol! Ric offers 300,
owner counters with 1000, Rics notes it’s a sample and offers a 350 counter….no deal!

Houdini”s Handcuffs-1/17/2011


Houdini’s Shackels & Handcuffs– Master magician and legend, began performing at 9 yrs old. He only wants
1000 and he’ll take 500! He don’t know what he’s got! They’re from a box in his brother’s basement. Ric’s
astonished, there’s paperwork with them too,it’s time for an expert….Murray gives us a lesson, Houdini
was a locksmith, keys to everything, ah hah! They’re late 1800 early 1900’s era, the paper is key in the
authenticity, stamp on cuffs too, from the Sid Radner auction, one of the highest auctions in history,
from Houdini’s personal collection! These were actually Houdini’s! Amazing! 5800-6500 cuff value, 3800-
4500 shackel value, over 10000 total! 8000 asked from owner, 5000 counter from Ric, now 7000, Ric says

Antique drink mixer
– From the prohibition era cocktail shaker, unique american history here, they
used to make homemade booz aka “bathtub gin” which had to be mixed as u can imagine,lol. He’s looking
for 350,it’s in pretty bad shape though, needs a lot of restoration. Ric offers 100, owner counter of
125, 75 from the old man, lol! Sold for 125!

Cartoon buttons– 1940’s pep buttons, from Kellog’s pep cereal, each box had a pin, Hoss wants an expert..
.Kellog’s was the first to give away a toy with cereal, these are worth approx. 650-800, he asks 600, Big
Hoss with a 300 counter, now 500, 400 from Hoss….deal!

Lombardi trophy – 99-00 St Louis Rams trophy, he’s looking for 4500-7500. It’s not the actual Lombardi
trophy though, these were handed out to owners, management etc. It’s 319 of 400, certificate says a 12500
value! He wants 7500, Ric counters with 2500,to far apart….no deal! Guy seems ticked, lol!

Slingerland Drumset– It’s a nice jazz set from the 70’s, he’s asking 8-900, jazz sets are hard to sell,
most people want a rock set. Chum gives it a try, lol, awful! He’ll take 750 for them, Ric offers 500,
700 counter….he’ll keep them, no deal!

Packin Heat-12/13/2010


Piggy Cook– Old toy from the 50s-60s. It cooks and flips eggs, cool! This lady is looking for 300,
old man loves it, it’s all original, box too! She asks 350, 200 counter from old man, now 250, 225 from
the old man , she’s contemplating it….sold!

1990’s Atlanta Braves Championship Rings
– Nice set, he wants 48000…doubt it! 1 world series & 4
championship rings, front office issues, he starts with 45000, Ric counters with 20000, 30000 from owner,
22000 now, he wants 29000, Ric is firm at 22000….no deal

1962 Caddilac Fleetwood Limo– Only 904 made! Guy bought it off a neighbor, nice find! It clearly needs
some work to both body and engine. Ric calls for the expert… comes Danny in an old hot rod, what
a sweet ride! He scopes it out..needs a lot of work, could bring 60000 pristine, but it’ll take 40000 and
a year to do it…Ric’s out! No deal!

Antique Pistol Lighters– It’s a stick up! Couple of wise guys, lol! Chum is cracking me up! Novelty
lighters were first made in the 20’s, 14 states have banned or limited the sales of novelty lighters,
from the look of these, it’s totally understandable. This guy’s pretty funny too, a comical exchange of
enuendos! Big Hoss asks what he wants…5000 a piece…no, make him an offer he can’t refuse, lol! He
asks 200, 100 from Big Hoss, 150 counter, 100 firm from Big Hoss…Deal! These guys are cheap, ooooo,
harsh words from the wise guy!

Antique Politcal Dolls– Abe Lincoln and a slave, whoa, these don’t seem very PC! Apparently from 1860
politcal rallies, 75 paid and he wants 500, Ric isn’t sure…bring in the expert….Dana checks them…
people used to throw them in a fire or destroy them in protest, not many left, they’re legit! Valued at
250-500 single, the pair 600-1000, 500 asked, 200 counter from Ric, now 250, 300 from guy….deal!

OakRidge Boys cameo! Ric called them in for the old man! He’s happy, but not starstruck! He trys to sell
them the mini cannon, lol! Better buy something if you come see the old man!

Monkey Business-12/06/2010


Navy Spotlight– From a 1944 PT boat, he wants 1500, found it in dad’s attic, great condition! He’s been
told the value ranges from 1500-15000! Ric says if it’s not from the JFK 109, there’s no way it’s worth
15000! He offers him 800, 1500 counter, Ric stays at 800, 1200 from owner, 1000 from Ric…!

John Wayne Hat– One of America’s most famous icons, dating back to the 20’s. His legendary nickname “Duke”
is wrote on the tag,u know what time it is..bring in the expert….Mark Allen, knows his stuff, John’s
hat size was larger, not from the supposed movies, it just can’t be proven…no deal! This guy doesn’t
want to believe it though, lol, no one wants to hear they got screwed!

Rembrandt Etching– He’s looking for 5000-2500, 10 paid at a yard sale! Rembrandt is one of the most
famous artist in history, this could be extremly valuble, or a total fake, sounds like expert time!….
here comes Brett, he knows the piece, christ and woman in samaria, a classic work of art, this one is a
late printing though, but original and still valued at 3000! 1000 offer from Ric,1500 counter,1200, to
1300, Ric’s firm at 1200….deal!

1930’s Baby Grand Piano– It’s a Baldwin, make that a Howard by Baldwin, automatic downgrade in price
there…left to him from an estate, 1500 asked, 900 counter from Ric, 1000 if he moves it, lol…Chum
doesn’t want to move it, he tells him to keep it, lol!….sold! Sorry Chumlee!

Musical Jolly Chimp– OMG! These things were nuts, I had one passed down to me, monkey shines! It’s in
perfect condition, she wants a 100 bucks, the old man’s sraight with her, it’s worth 300, he’ll go 150,
she’s blown away by his honesty! Deal for 150!

1977 NY Yankees bleacher seat
– 1000 is his minimum, he has a newspaper to go with it..and he’s on the
cover getting hit by Reggie Jackson! Ric’s got news for him, all the seats were taken, lol! He offers 75,
guy wants 1000, no chance! No deal!

FDR Home Movie Footage

  • FDR serverd 1933-1945
  • Only President elected for more than two terms

How did he get this stuff? Used to work for and old antique dealer and had this box of film. Boy did he get lucky!

There was a lot of footage of FDR but not much with him in his wheel chair.  If this is original this is one of a kind and can be worth a lot!

The limo in the video dates it to 1939 or later.  Now to figure out a price. This guy is looking for 90k. Yikes!!

Looks like no deal, they just cant figure out a price. I was hoping for more wheelchair footage.

Antique Native American Statue

  • Used to advertise tobacco shops since the 17th century
  • Some statues valued up to $50,000

So this is Chum Lees replacement ha!

This thing looks in pretty good shape so I wonder how old it really is.  This guy is looking to get around $900

I love how old man always says he is not in the retail business lol.

He offers $400 and the guy counters with $600 DEAL $400