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Chicago Bears 1932 Program

1932 Superbowl ProgramWhen a football program cost a dime!


Yep; that was the original price at Wrigley Field back in 1932 for the game program of what would be named the Superbowl years later! NFL championship games weren’t called the Superbowl until 1970.

Rick is giving Corey some freedom as he wants to give him more experience.


They shake on $2750 as the seller was pleased but Rick thinks that he paid way too much for this burnt program!

The old man agrees as he calls it a 2700 dollar mistake but Corey thinks that the value is there.

Corey ends up going to Jeremy who has some interesting history on this particular game at Wrigley Field. Jeremy does say that the market is very limited this is the “Holy Grail” of football programs and he wouldn’t be surpriised if they would get 10 grand for it from a collector because of all the history.

Corey later gets gets apologies from both the old man and Rick as he rubs it in their face telling them that there’s only a few in existence with one of them being in the Hall of Fame!

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