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Chum Goes Awol

edison photograph

Season 2 Episode 1

The Pawn Stars have a chance to get a super fast AYT Speedboat wanting some serious TLC. But first they must fire up a deal and steer the restoration from falling off into the deep. Then Corey meets a person interested in selling the 1st home audio system, an antique 1901 Edison Phonograph. But before Corey can make a sound deal, the Old Man examines the piece and makes sure Edison’s invention will ring out a profit. And later, Rick is presented with one or two pieces of little demonic sculptures cast in solid gold, but to Rick’s disbelief–all are painted black. Will Rick find that these little monsters are worth their weight in gold, or does the spirits compel him to cast these devils out?

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  1. I am interested in a horn from your 1901 edison phonograph. The person that sold you the phonograph said he had extra horns in the box of parts. I am interested in a horn. If you could give me a price on the horn, plus shipping, I would appreciate it.

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