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Chum Lee Art Lesson

OK so Chum bought art work that was fake. Old man is pissed!!

Rick decides he is going to sit down with Chum and learn him a thing or two!

So Chum thinks he has the right to buy some cool stuff lol. Rick is gonna teach him what etching is and will follow up with a test later.

Pretty interesting how the whole etching process works. Chum Lee looks like he is thinking about lunch time or his next 15 minute break.

Lets hope Chum learned a thing or two. Chum asks for a day off if he passes the test lol.

OK 3 salvadore dali etchings. Which one is real?

Seems like Chum is doing good so far. I can hear Chum breathing. Jeez man!!!

Well Chum passed!! He asks for his day off and Old man says take today off lol since there is only 15 minutes left of his ship.

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