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Chumlee Buys Toys For The Old Man

Cracker Jack ToysWe all looked forward to getting the toy in a box of cracker jack when we were kids. Some of us still get excited about it and I have a feeling that Chumlee would fall into this group.

  • Cracker Jack made it’s debut at the Chicago Worlds Fair in 1893
  • Over 23 billion cracker jack toys were produced since 1912 alone

Cracker Jack is and its toys are familiar to just about everyone in this country and then some. It actually is responsible for the song “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” becoming immortalized.

So a guy comes into the pawn shop with a nice case protecting 9 or 10 of the older cracker jack toys. They’re made of tin no less; before the days of plastic. He’s got hopes of seeing a C note from them as Chumlee thinks that they’ll make a nice gift for the old man. Chumlee did a commendable job of keeping the price down when you could see he was developing an attachment to these things. They wind up at $45 and Chumlee immediately gives this gift to the old man as his heart was in a good spot.

But wait! The old man tells Rick to put them out for sale at 80 bucks. Rick calls him a heartless bastard as he knew that Chumlee bought them primarily thinking – gift for the Patriarch. Rickard Sr. comes back with something about Chumlee buying this gift with the old man’s own money! Sad but true.

3 Responses to Chumlee Buys Toys For The Old Man

  1. ibeamys says:

    Are those toys still around? For sale??
    I would love to buy them…..

  2. larry says:

    I would suggest calling (702) 385-7912.

  3. Gina Richardson says:

    I have a very old ‘Crackerjack Police’ badge, not sure of the year. I have only seen one other online at a price of 85$. It was made to fit into the buttonhole of a little boys shirt pocket- could be the ’50s or earlier. I can be found on facebook and my current city is Bloomington, IN. Badge is in great shape.

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