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Chumlee Gives Dung As A Gift

elephant dungWe’ve all had crazy novelty gifts in our lives. I thought that canned Florida sunshine was silly when it was given to me many years ago. But a can of elephant dung!!!!

Washington Park Zoo Doo

  • The Washington Park Zoo was founded in Portland, OR in 1984
  • they have unique ways of raising money to protect endangered species

Actually, elephant dung is used in many recycled products so we may all be more familiar with it than realize. Our seller has a can of this stuff packaged, labeled and sold for what it is. He jokingly says that he wants 10 grand for it but would settle for 5 bucks!

It figures that Chumlee thinks that he can have some fun with this and is interested right away. Chumlee gives the guy 20 bucks and the seller is happy, noting that he wished he made a similar profit margin on all the stuff he sells. Turns out he bought it at an auction for $7.50. Chumlee meanwhile has his devious smirk on and we soon find out why. He gift-wraps the can and presents it to Rick.

It gets better but you have to watch the pawn show to truley appreciate it. The show ends with this can of elephant dung rotating in a display case surrounded by a bunch of nice looking jewelry. Leave it to Chumlee to insure that it’s not just another boring day at work!


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