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Chumlee Is Scared Of Zombies

War of the ZombiesProbably all Zombie movies are considered “B” movies especially those oldies that played as the second feature in your neighborhood theatre. A guy brings this poster in and talks like its a family heirloom stating:  “It’s been in the family over 25 years.” The movie that it depicts is Undead Crossed Swords With A Zombie. Catchy enough to write a song about , huh? Well Rick knows a bit about these older B movies stating how it was apparently a low-budget Italian production from 1965.

Meanwhile, Chumlee cracks everyone up stating how scary it looks and he’d have no interest if it didn’t have Drew Barrymore’s name on it. Rick is quick to correct him as the name is John Drew Barrymore. The guy wants $125 for it and Rick starts at $50. As much as Rick commented that it wasn’t even in the greatest shape, he winds up paying $100 for it. Perhaps he wants to keep it around to scare Chumlee with!

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