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Chumlee limburgh

Most people are traveling the vast smooth road. Is it possible to guess which one that may be Are YOU on it

The widely accepted thing to conclude in the present society is that if you are not getting what you want out of living it must be someone elses problem. The idea that you have any kind of personal responsibility at the same time has literally never occurred to many people.
In fact over the past 30 years Ive observed the concepts of human freedom initiative and responsibility have all yet become obsolete inside the vast majority of some peoples minds. Self-reliance and home motivation are simply becoming bred out of individuals at an alarming rate
Whose job would it be to supply your needs
Several now look to the us govenment as the provider of what they need. And if you are in the least savvy about what possesses happened to our Sociable Security system alone you are aware there is no safe and sound lock box of funds that were set aside to support you actually when you are older. Each of the funds being gathered today are being used upward along the way -. Chumlee limburgh -If you were in a position to save and spend for your own future instead of the government handling things you would be light years ahead of time monetarily as you approached your golden decades. Having the government please take a portion of your money in addition to invest it for you is similar to receiving a blood transfusion if you take the blood from the left arm and spilling half of it as a it is on the way on your right arm
As well as wanting the government to offer their needs people firmly insist the companies they work for supply their health health care their life insurance any pension and a guaranteed income. Raises are hoped for periodically even if the performance is poor. And should there become any talk involving letting them go certain government agencies can step in and cry discrimination.

Whatsoever happened to self-reliance
Someplace along the way a majority of folks began to believe that his or her life was another womans job. Values regarding self-accomplishment and self-determination were consigned to the dusty websites of the way it used to be. Instead of becoming self reliant it has become quicker to put all our systems into-
Blaming others
Reliving earlier failures
Practicing past mistakes
The truth is that your present life is nobody elses fault but your own True sometimes circumstances can be presented who are not of our doing but wait how we respond to those circumstances are totally our decision.
And also understanding your beyond failures acknowledging your own negative conditions along with admitting your weak points have only one intent. They are merely signs of where you must start now on your journey to accomplishment. They only become major if you fail to learn from them.
Who is hands hold the response
The answer is in your hands with out one elses. Your determination to step up on the plate and assume responsibilty for your own life is the best way out and the way way up. As the great thinker Plato said Take charge of your daily life. You can do with it what you will.
If you dont you will live a meager life at greatest. No government no business no other person is gonna provide you with enough to get a good life. You will merely scrape by and in the process you should have no self-esteem no a sense accomplishment and several material goods that help to make life more satisfying.
Solely YOU are responsible for what you could become Only you can assess if you want to continue on Your Boulevard to Failure the road traveled by most as it is extensive and smooth and minimum effort and provides little satisfaction.
Or maybe you can travel Your Highway to Accomplishment which is often uphill bumpy and bumpy. The actual Success Highway calls for you grow understand and apply by yourself. You have to use your project your imagination along with your determination to set in addition to attain goals. You have to be willing to learn-
2 . Who you are
What your location is going
How we are going to get there
However oh the advantages So worth the vacation So worth the hard work The only true flexibility stems from your determination to be become have and achieve. While you is probably not able to change the world you can change on your own and in that process lead a more pleasing and dynamic daily life.
In the words involving George Elliot Its never too late for being what you might have been.In Its all up to YOU
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Chumlee limburgh Introduction
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