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The Colombian people have one thing in common- The passion for football. It doesnt matter if you are man or woman boy or a girl young or oldThe Colombian fans are fanatic regarding their favorite clubs and it also influence when the National Teamplays. This really is perhaps the most regional league in South America considering that all the teams spread across the nation. Not so many men and women come towards the stadium specifically the fans of compact teams however the fans with the greater and popular clubs usually display their faces every single week. One particular of the purpose that persons do not come to the stadium is because the Tv reside coverage. 5 matches out of 9 broadcast every single week by two Colombian channels.RCN channel that is open for everyone broadcasts one gameon Saturday and also the last matchon Sunday. A different channel known as Telmexis close 1. Only folks who paid for this channel can see it. Telmex broadcasts two games on Saturday or a single in Friday and one particular in Saturday and another game on Sunday. The National Group games along with the Internationalgames of Colombian clubsbroadcast by theNational Television networkCaracol. Chumley pawn stars real name

Colombia have also handful of everyday sports newspaper which absolutely everyone represents the city that it was published in.
for example one of the most well-liked newspapers are EL TIEMPOand EL ESPECTADORform the capital Bogota
EL COLOMBIANOfrom Medellin EL HERALDOfrom the Atlantic coast of Colombia Barranquilla Santa Marta Cartagena and EL PAISfrom Cali.

The league has 6 standard strong clubs that spread across the three massive cities of Colombia- Bogota Medellin and Cali. Millonariosand Independiente Santa Fefrom Bogota Atletico Nacionaland Deportivo Independiente medellinfrom Medellin America Caliand Deportivo Cali. The league is managed by the Dimayor containing 18 clubs and called in Spanish Futbol Profesional Colombiano or Copa Mustang.

Dimayor logo.The Copa Mustang logo.
League Method
The League System has been changed during the years because the league was founded in 1948. Currently the league actuallydivided for two separate tournaments which each of them make your mind up one champion club.The opening tournament of your year known as Apertura whichbeing playedusually among February and June.
The closing championship referred to as Clausura andits becoming played in between July and December.Each and every team plays 18 games-17games against the rest on the league and another a single specific round for derbies games which named in spanish clasico. Generally two teams from the same city or from precisely the same geographic location.
The initial eight teams qualify for the Playoff phase which also named in Spanish Cuadrangulares.The second phase divide the 8 qualifying teams for twogroups of 4 teams each as well as the division goes like this-The teams that finished in places 1 3 5 7 are in group A plus the teams that finished in places 2 four 6 eight are in group B.
After 6 matches-3 property games and three away games the first group of each and every group are qualify for the Gran Last. The last include things like two matches residence and away. In situation of equal globalresult immediately after two matches the championship is becoming determined in penalty shoot-out.
The Clausura tournament are specifically exactly the same but with 1 various. within the firstphasethe teams are switching domestication. Exactly the same fixtures but the group that hostedin the very first tournament became a visitor group inside the Clausura and contrary.
Colombias representatives in International Competitors
Colombia can sendthree clubs to take part in probably the most important International compatition of South America- The Copa Libertadores andtwo clubs to take part in the second competition the Copa Sudamericana.
Commonly if you will discover two diverse champion clubs they qualify automatically towards the Copa Libertadores groups stage. The third club will be the club that finished in the highest position at the total standings of the two Apertura and Clausura tournaments. If a single group has won the championship back-to-back the club that finish inside the highest location goes directly to the Libertadores groups stage plus the club in subsequent location qualify for the preliminary round.
The clubs that finish within the highest places on the complete standings and not take part in the Copa Libertadores will qualify for the Copa Sudamericana.
So far only two teams from Colombia won essentially the most significant cup The Copa Libertadores. Atletico Nacional did it in 1989 with a win in penalty shoot-out more than Paraguayan side Olimpia Asuncion though When Caldas repeated this achievement in 2004 right after winning Argentine side Boca Juniors in penalty shoot-out.
Atletico Nacional also certified for the Copa Sudamericana final in 2002 but lost to Argentine San Lorenzo four-0 on aggregate.
The relegate team is getting determined following the Clausura tournament. There is certainly relegation standing which calculate the results of each team inside the last 3 years plus the team with all the worst outcomes will relegate towards the Primera B division. In lieu of the relegated group The champion of Primera B tournament will qualify for the Primera A. The team that finished within the 17 spot following the many calculations will play two playoff matches against the team that completed second within the Primera B.
The major teams-

Millonarios Bogota won one of the most championship so far correct to July 2008 with 13 stars.
America de Cali with 12 stars.
Atletico Nacional with 10 stars.
Deportivo de Cali with eight stars.
Independiente Santa Fe with six stars.
Atletico Junior Barranquilla with 5 stars.
Independiente Medellin with four stars. Colombian Skilled Football- Clubs
Primera Aclubs-

America CaliAtletico BucaramangaDeportivo CaliBoyaca Chico FC

Cucuta DeportivoEnvigado FCLa Equidad SegurosAtletico Huila

Junior BarranquillaIndependiente MedellinMillonariosAtletico Nacional

As soon as CaldasDeportes QuindioDeportivo PastoDeportivo Pereira

Independiente Santa FeDeportes Tolima
Primera B clubs-

Academia FCAlianza PetroleraItagui DitairesBarranquilla FC

Bogota FCCentauros VillavicencioCordoba FCDepor FC

Expreso RojoGirardot FCAtletico Juventud Soacha FCUnion Magdalena

Patriotas FCReal CartagenaReal Santander CDDeportivo Rionegro

Deportivo TuluaValledupar FC

Copa Postobon de Colombia
Colombian cup tournament. In the past this tournament had been played for many times and was stopped until this year. The tournament entails both Primera A and Primera B clubs and gives the coaches to try out their substitute players to play in competitive matches.Typically the games are currently being played in the middle of the week on Wednesday thats why the very first group players rest when the subs get to play.
36 clubs divided to six gorups of six clubs every according regional place. ten games in the first round and afterwards 2 clubs of every group advance towards the subsequent round. Very first team from group A will play against second group from group B Second from group A will meet the initial from group B and so on. in two matches playoff.
The 3 winners along side the ideal group who lost will qualify for the semi last which also be played in two matches and so could be the last game. The winner of this tournament will book a location within the next edition from the Copa Sudamericana.

Dimayor – Official web site
Telmex website
Federacion Colombiana de Futbol – official internet site

The Copa Mustang photo.
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