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Civil War Diaries

civial war diary
  • civial war diary80% of Civil War soldiers were literate
  • Soldiers were issued writing quills with their rations

This guy is bring in hsi great great great grandpas and doesnt care and wants the $$$ What the heck man!!

The guy has had trouble reading them, but says something about Lincolns death. Rick gives us a bit of education on the diaries and other things about the Civil War.

Rick is def interested. Rick wants to call in an expert. Looks like the bloodline ends with this guy! PHEW!!! 😉

Mark comes in for some help. Mark knows his stuff so whats see what he has to say about it. I love Marks beard 😉 Mark finds it very interesting and you can read the day to day down time stuff. Nothing that really makes it extraordinary, but it is still a pretty cool historic item.  There were a lot of them.

The guy is looking to get 20k lol, but Rick shakes his head and says $200-$300 for both. Dont sell out bro!! KEEP EM!! He counters with 3k lol

guy says maybe he gives to a museum which would be really cool!



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