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Doug Stanley did thing RIGHT.
Driving to and from the grocery store today with my Mother I was hit by dozens of topics and memories concerning the time when I sold cars for the Late Great Doug Stanley at Doug Stanley Ford.
Doug Stanley a man with a big legend and reputation-and a single that simply should be told. I guess you who are not from here and have not worked for Doug are stuck with me on that. As for him currently being a legend within the Texas vehicle sales biz I didnt even understand that right up until I started telling old good friends who I was operating for.
Youre functioning at Doug Stanley Ford Doug Stanley is really a Texas LEGEND in automotive
Id realized the first day of function that he should be quite a character. Everybody went on and on and on doing their very own individual Doug Stanley impersonations. These had been often followed by enormous burst of laughter but no one was laughing AT Mr. Stanley. We had been in awe of him.
The second day of perform I sold a employed Ford Ranger pickup. They told me that Id tied the record there for earliest sale by a fresh salesman. I could not think my luck. Colt pistol misprint
Id walked for the dealership just three days prior to. I was dressed in my very best suite I just walked in and as per the tips provided to me asked for the sales manager. A massive clean cut young man younger than I named Jon Jensen took my application asked several questions-and told me to become there the following day at seven oclock. I was excited and elated to become back inside the sales biz.
Just before this you see Id been taken advantage of by a man really worth tens of millions of dollars-and cheated out of 8000.00 in earned commission by Don Frank McNally and his U.S. Equipment Exports business. Don it seems an international gangster and criminal usually took benefit of people who were members of a particular rehab neighborhood. Hed take them in teach them a trade then dump them-keeping their commissions.
Doug Stanley was a real man . Doug Stanley didnt become thriving by importing drugs keeping commissions or dirty deeds with U.S. Government agencies. Doug Stanley if he did not like you-hed do away with you but Doug Stanley Usually paid you what you have been owed.
So anyways Mom and I are headed for the grocery retailer in Moms Ford 500 and I am driving. I start off to consider Mr. Stanley and how hed the moment drove a 500 that hed either traded back to Ford in favor with the F150 I keep in mind him driving or maybe the 500 was the one that he wrecked. Im not sure. Ive got a half smoked small cigar with me and I am not going to smoke in Moms good car-but I am recalling the time that Mr. Stanley hired some black guy who believed he was one thing and was proved to that he wasnt shit.
Funny story that a single. You see Mr. Stanley smoked Cool Filter Kings and a single after the other. Mr. Stanley owned Doug Stanley Ford and as far as I was concerned the location was his to try and do what he wanted in-but this new guy did not like smoke and he type of challenged the fact that Mr. Stanley could smoke in his own buildings at his personal location of company anytime he felt like it. What a fucking joke Properly the guy did not last prolonged. How he believed that he could tell Mr. Stanley not to smoke in his own buildings at his very own enterprise due to the fact it bothered him the new guy-is fucking beyond me. Mr. Stanley did factors the way that I would do them as well and quickly Mr. I can inform you what to try and do within the making you very own plus the small business you created discovered cause sufficient to look for one more place of employment.
Impersonation- Sir hed say and hed point at you with that particular way hed had of pointing at things-you see the ideal portion of his index finger on his pointing hand was missing. Hed lost it in some accident Do weve some players
Doug Stanley under no circumstances failed to tackle a man by Sir and I do imply that he By no means failed at this. By Do weve some players Mr. Stanley was in impact asking does you customer have good credit or not If NOT then youd very best discover some solution to eliminate them and if they DO have some credit then Sir youd ideal sell them a vehicle or turn them over to a person who can sell them a auto. Are we clear Sir
I think at this point prior to I inform my favored Doug Stanley story I need to say that I wrote to whoever at Doug Stanley Ford today and asked for some photos with the late Mr. Stanley. I usually do not require the present administration of Doug Stanley Ford to approve of me and what ever I ultimately post here in this hub. Ive Doug Stanleys approval from the grave. I utilized to obtain so wasted that from time to time Id must call in or worse still-Id show up.. When I named in too wasted to display up for get the job done and the next day when I did come in-My manager Delton Thrash whod worked there for an eternity told me in full seriousness that hed never ever as soon as in his time seen Mr. Stanley seem so concerned about a mere salesman. Doug Stanley approved of me. Doug Stanley genuinely liked me. I normally knew that to be true.
There have been numerous other hints at this-like the time I sold a Ford Focus hatchback then even though fueling the auto with its full tank of gas for the new owner. . . .I drove off together with the gas nozzle sticking within the tank plus a busted the fuel door off and got away with it without any repercussion the body store just fixed it and thank you Mr. Stanley and Delton Thrash Or the fact that Mr. Stanley would hand me one among his individual credit cards to go do this and that with as our departments bank card. . . .went missing.
I recall Mr. Stanley acquiring discovered about my hvac and electrical capabilities possessing me do some repair perform around the buildings for him on a slow day. Now you may believe that I was becoming taken advantage of by this-but youd be incorrect. Mr. Stanley had a way of driving from the new automobile super-center over for the utilised automobile side. . . .and escaping detection. We had been always on the lookout for him-but at times the sneaky old vehicle man would catch us slipping.
Delton hed say Does Todd do something BUT evaluate or speak to females on the laptop or computer . . . .Then hed LAUGH
Laughter from Mr. Stanley was a cherished commodity I assure you. He did not laugh typically so far as I can tell. Mr. Stanley was inside the workplace from open to close just about each and every single day thats from seven a.m. to 10 p.m.-six days per week. The man carried a pistol all of us knew that and untold thousands of dollars on his particular person in any way times. He spent close to 5 hundred dollars each day on scratch off lotto tickets 50 a ticket. In advance of becoming told Id not have believed that they even made fifty dollar scratch off lotto tickets.
I am starting to get rather irritated with google adsense. This hub hasnt yet been published but theyve decided that its not fit for their advertisements. Duly noted Ill publish with out you google adsense. Update note to self and to other hubbers-I edited around four f bombs and miraculously adsense got back online with this hub.
The initial key sin on the car enterprise is letting a consumer with outstanding credit go with out purchasing a car or truck. . . . .except when Mr. Stanley is carried out with them that is. I recall a fine Saturday in which all of us often had to work from bell to bell and on that Saturday I had a fine Mexican American couple for any consumer. The husband of this duo had flawless credit as well as a extended work historical past. They told me inside the sales booth straight away that this man could have any damn automobile that we had and that Id be a fool to let these two slip away. Well Mr. Stanley got involved as he so normally was prefer to do on Saturdays above at the made use of automobile super-center where I mainly worked. Wed produced them deal after deal but this man had a faded glory wife who any person could see utilized to be a beauty beyond his implies. Properly she in the cant make up her mind range could not make up her mind-and theyd as a result far wasted four hours of not merely my time but Mr. Stanleys time.
Mr. Stanley what would you like me to complete Im not certain what to say to them.
Sir you tell them to have the fuck off of my car great deal.
Of course I didnt do that. Id mentioned anything like this-
Sir Mr. Stanley says that it doesnt search like well be able to strike a deal these days. Please come again heres my card ask for me-you can see that Ive been operating for the very best attainable deal at this time. Possibly subsequent week or subsequent month well have exactly what youre searching for
You are able to bet that If Id mentioned exactly what I was told to say then Mr. Stanley would have had my back. The late Doug Stanley did every little thing that he did specifically how Id have executed details.
The initial Obit Id Wrote About Mr. Stanley.
My Good friend the late Douglas Stanley Jr.
Latest mood-awake
It had been a money deal a 1997 extended cab F-150 4 by 4 XLT package having a Triton 5.4L v-8 engine. The truck had over two hundred thousand miles on it as well as the front end jumped for the passenger side any time you hit the breaks but I received the stack of expenses totaling 5 thousand 5 hundred dollars and took it straight to the sales booth to hand to Mr. Stanley. Boy do not you know far better than to hand that much dollars to an old drunk he asked Yes Sir Mr. Stanley I know superior but you should not leave that sort of cash inside the hands of a young drunk I answered. It was the second go round for me at Doug Stanley Ford and I knew that I was one of his favorites all of us knew. I sold a truck on my second day of get the job done there and tied the record for earliest sale by a salesman at what is on the list of DallasFt.Really worth Metroplexs biggest and most lucrative FordLincolnMercury dealers I was the top salesman on the utilised auto supercenter extra than after also and also held senority there to get a when.
I hear Mr. Stanley is an tricky man to operate for
Confident Id heard that a single before but its not correct in any respect.Mr. Stanley was a throwback for the old days and he didnt need any of us no less than not any of us new guys. What exactly are you gonna say to a man who in no way stops smoking Kools carrys several thoughsand dollars in his pockets whatsoever instances calls every single man Sir and carries a pistol
Dude your boss is really a Texas legend within the car buisness
Yes I heard that one particular a time or two as well.
Is that Mr. Stanley above there
No absolutely everyone will be outside at the moment waiting for consumers if Mr. Stanley was over here immediately nevermind the fact that its 110 F outside. . . .
Ill by no means forget one particular occassion when another person with an 800 something credit score came in and he had us operate up a deal on 3 absolutely unique vehicles all simply because his flighty wife was placing him as much as it-the man could have had anything on either the new or utilised lot if only hed make up his thoughts but he kept beating across the bush for hours and creating me to have an particularly unproductive day. Sir Mr. Stanley stated to me Tell him to get the funk off of my auto great deal I feel I said something like Sir Mr. Stanley stated that were just not going to be ready to come to terms on anything right now come see us again sometime for the man as an alternative. . . . . .
A different time a guy came in and was dead really serious about getting on the list of used trucks on our lot-but this man hadnt financed something in about fifteen years. Todd exactly where the fuck has this guy been the final fifteen years has he been inside the pen No Mr. Stanley I responded He said that he does not like to obtain anything unless he can pay money for it. Well hell Todd mentioned Mr. Stanley I dont either Later I found out that Mr. Stanley termed executives at Ford Motor Credit on behalf of my customer vainly looking to get him approved-because he liked him.
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