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Confederate Officers Sword

confederate sword

Season 2 Episode 7

  • Unlike the North, the Confederacy did not issue standardized weapons
  • Confederate arms varied in quality and design

Dang my mother in law has something like this on her wall. hmmmm Vegas Trip!! ha

The majority of swords in the civil war were imported before the war started. Rick def needs to call in an expert.

Wow I am really excited about this one. It is very similar to my mother in laws. Can’t wait to hear.  It looks maybe a bit different. I have some pics on my phone, Ill have to throw them on here when I’m done with tonight’s posts.

Sean is called in. Sean knows his stuff!

So its a confederate saber and would have been for an officer. Sean is saying it is in pretty good shape, but he is always skeptical with Confederate stuff. He has seen swords like this go for $5,000 and up.

Confederate stuff is more $$ because they lost 😉

Sean is saying Rick should stay away because Confederate items are fake so often and he just doesn’t know. He suggests the owner should document it as much as he can.

Dang I gotta get a closer look at my mother in laws. They said the highest price a confederate sword went for at auction was $52,000!!!

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