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Dale Earnhardt NASCAR Tire; Oh Really?

Dale Earnhardt Tire  This isn’t something that you typically see in a pawnshop window but pawn stars is unique. It did look a bit odd to see a guy carrying in a tire (and this is definitely bigger than what’s on your car). The rubber alone is probably worth a good buck. I’m also sure that the value of anything with an authentic signature of the late Dale Earnhardt has increased since his unfortunate accident.

The guy that is trying to sell this is absolutely certain that this is the real deal. He said that after his wife bought it from a sports memorabilia shop, he sent it out to NASCAR to get Dale’s signature. He pulls out a certificate of authenticity and a letter from Goodyear stipulating how it was from a Dale Earnhardt race car. Rick basically laughed at that since anyone can create something similar on a computer. The guy wanted $1500 and Rick was very interested but wary about the signature. He stated that he thought a real Dale Earnhardt signature would certainly be among the most valuable sports signatures around. He inquires about the chalk marking of “LR8” which apparently means that this was the 8th tire on the left rear. I love auto racing but never knew that they went through that many tires! Rick is excited and calls his expert, Drew. Drew apparently knows handwriting and the peculiarities of a Dale Earnhardt signature. Everyone is disappointed as he finds at least 3 reasons why the signature is a fake. The last comment is by the tires’ owner stating how he’s lost faith in NASCAR.

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  1. This guy is not a fake

  2. larry says:

    He didn’t seem like a fake to me either. The signature on the tire is what proved to be fake but this poor guy really believed that he had the real deal! I
    sympathize with his loss of faith in NASCAR as he was apparently duped when he went through all the trouble to get it signed.

  3. DS says:

    Anyone would puts their trust into Drew (the Pawn Star’s resident autograph expert) is just asking for trouble, especially on NASCAR stuff (and let’s not forget the signed Gemini photo, too). Drew apparently gets informed of an Earnhardt has come in, and does a quick internet search. He prepares himself so he can rattle off a few stats, and bases his appraisal upon a few things he saw online. ANYONE that is going to sell some to a pawn shop is a fool if they 1) don’t do their own homework before going in, 2) don’t have several other valid sources and experts give their input and evaluation of the item, and 3) fold like a house of cards when they have to negotiate their price.

    Doesn’t anything else think that the lowest selling prices they are asked to give on camera before going into the shop don’t get back “somehow” to guys before they start to negotiate? The guy’s car/motorcycle “expert” gave it away on the mini-jeep episode when he accidentally blurted out he was pricing the item on what he thought would be a good deal for Rick and what Rick could make on it, not on the actually value of the item. To depend on trusting solely the people who get face time and free advertising (and probably industry TV appearance fees) by appraising things on the show is just asking for trouble. IMHO

  4. larry says:

    Thanks for the post. You are entitled to your opinions and I do agree that anyone should do their own research before bringing anything into any pawn shop. But, not everyone thinks like this and believe it or not there are people that still don’t use and/or trust the internet. People have their own reasons for why they do things and that includes selling their stuff. While you may make a living on Ebay, there are many people that I know that won’t ever even go there. I’m also sure that there are folks that come to Pawn Stars with the hopes of getting on the show. As for your opinions about the behind the scenes with experts, like I said: you are entitled to your opinion. Personally, I don’t make accusations without first having proof. I hope you enjoy the show even if you choose to criticize it. Larry

  5. DS says:


    Larry, are you connected to the show or any of the people connected with the show in any way? You seem bias as well.

    It’s fact that Drew REALLY undervalued the Gemini signed photo. On a well respected NASA/space site (which I also belong to), the experts (actual experts in NASA items, not a local Las Vegas Forensic Examiner who just happens to be the preferred expert for the PS show) were giving a range of a minimum of $10K, to as much as 20K because of the unique signing of many very difficult to find astronauts. Drew appraised it at $5K, and the guys bought it for $2K. Drew certainly blew it here(fortunately for the guys). I keep expecting him to pull a pipe and a Sherlock Holmes’ cap out of his case to go along with the over-sized magnifying glass.

    Danny, in the Mighty Mite Jeep episode, told the seller he would appraise it for $13-15K, when the seller thought it was wroth $23-24K, due to it’s rarity and superb condition. I tried to find the episode on YouTubeto get an exact quote, but it isn’t one of the ones offered. Danny did say clearly though that he was basing his appraisal upon what he thought was a good deal for Rick.

    I think my questions are valid ones, especially since these issues favor the guys, and the money made by the store and the show. As you said, some of the sellers may just want to be seen on TV, and all of them should know that a pawn shop is never the place to go to any serious money for your items. Typically the most they would get would be 1/2 of their items value, and if they come in uninformed, they will get the least the guys can get away offering them, especially from the “Old Man” and Hoss (I’d NEVER go in and deal with the “Old Man”…he’s the epitome of a cagey pawn shop dealer). Rick seems to try to be fair, but it always about how much they can make off of the item.

  6. larry says:

    Neither this site nor I are connected to the show in any way. I don’t get why you feel a need to harp on the show. If you owned a pawnshop, you’d be out of business pretty quickly if you didn’t do your best to buy low and sell high. On top of that, the nature of the business means that you may never sell a particular item after tying up money to buy it and there’s no guarantee what you may ultimately get. As for the experts, anyone watching the show sees the same experts come on time and time again. Obviously relationships exist between the Harrison family and these local experts and there may be some monetary consideration given for their time and efforts. I would enjoy an episode seeing a would-be seller bring in their own expert and duke it out with one of the show’s experts. That would probably bring new meaning to a pawn shop reality show!

    As we’ve both previously agreed that anyone pawning anything should do their own research, and nobody is forced to accept any given offer, I don’t have any issues with the way the show is conducted. I hope that you can enjoy it regardless of your perceptions of its shortcomings.

  7. DAS says:

    PS is complete crap. They bring in “experts” that they have on payroll to give lowball values to these people. Earnhardts signature on that tire was 100% authentic. That guy shouldn’t lose faith in nascar, he should lose faith in those crooks that run the pawn shop. The Harrison family is full of nothing but arrogant idiots who only care about ripping people off and have no fucking clue about what they are doing.

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  10. Kyle says:

    the “expert”s primary reason for justifying his opion lacks logic, saying he could have rested his (right) arm on the tire while signing it. ummm…wasn’t Dale left-handed? had he rested his arm on the tire as drew suggested he would have smeared the ink writing left-handed. Not a very thourough research job by the “expert” IMO.

  11. Kyle says:

    retraction of previous comment…i have seen images of him signing right-handed…i’m sure i also remember seeing him write lefty

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