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Dances With Wolves Saddle


Season 2 Episode 4

  • Won 7 Academy awards including best picture in 1990
  • Set in South Dakota during the mid 1860’s

Kevin Costners butt was on this thing, the ladies are gonna go nuts lol.

He has a card from the movie house and pictures that it was used in the movie. I think this is a scam.

But they assured me!! hahaha Did he just say DNA test lol.

Rick thinks this is really old and might be us army issued. He needs to call in an expert.

Expert time!

Mark Allen comes in. I love this guy!

Def a military saddle that was developed in 1859. He is thinking it was a back saddle since it says 12 inch seat and has many holes.
Mark actually watched the movie and said he could not see any in the movies.

This guy is determined to believe it was in the movie lol. Poor guy!

In the condition it is in Mark is thingk $400-$500 at most.

Since it is real Rick wants it lol. The guy asks $750 and Rick offers $250

This guy is in denial. It wasn’t in the movie!!

Rick says $300 and that’s it.

Sold $300

The wife is gonna kill him! haha!

3 Responses to Dances With Wolves Saddle

  1. Di Taylor says:

    The saddle was probably used in the movie “Dances with Wolves” according to my neighbor who was the wrangler for the movie. I showed it to him and he said that it is not a pack saddle and that the twelve inches does not mean what your expert said. However, all of the saddles used in the movie were interchangeable and there is no way to tell if Costner used that one or not. They switched from day to day and there is no way to tell who used any given saddle since they were all alike.

  2. Jim Hatzell says:

    The saddle was owned by re-enactot Otho “Buck” Buxton and was indeed used in the film “Dances With Wolves”….but not by Costner. It was actually used by Buck in several films including “Gettysburg” before Buck passed away 10 years ago. The saddle was sold at an estate sale in 2002. The saddles used by Kevin Costner in the movie were all made by Wrangler Bob Erickson and actually based on the 1872 model with leather covering the entire saddle. There were 3 made for the movie and I own one of them.

  3. Andy Garringer says:

    I was amazed that the “expert” called this a pack saddle and said that all Military saddles would have been covered by leather! The M72 model was covered by black leather but the M59 model was a wood tree covered with rawhide as pictured. He also went on to saw that the small screws would have been covered or the rider would have had sore legs!!! The 14 (I believe) screws hold the leather “sweat”skirts on and the screws are tightened enough that the heads don’t protrude and rub the legs. I have ridden one for many years and my buttand legs are fine!

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