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If I have my way Patriot is slotted for a total rebuild with a Dodge Magnum V-6 and the car will be used for SCCA SOLO-II or drift competitions along with some forays into audio competitions on top of that.
Will need to Patriot be hauled off to the scrap that he is essentially value right now he might possibly bring 50.
The initial motor is sitting in Dezert Cruizer when most not long ago sitting down in Rambunktious. And was operating aside from eating a battery every week on account of a brief inside the factors when it had been pulled.
So Patriot as he sits now wouldnt be price substantially as scrap. The motor and transmission are price additional as scrap aluminum than the total auto is worth now.
Therell arrive daily soon-
Any get from this web page goes toward the improvement of Patriot and further submitting of my progress here. Suppose of it as being a sponsorship. There may even be a KickStart project page sooner or later if I get plenty of curiosity from the project.
The original Car
1976 Dodge Colt Carousel which was influenced by the GT. Imported for Dodge by Mitsubishi. Danny count kustoms single This model for the automobile was a bright white which has a denim blue top notch. The five stripe red white and blue vinyl stripe that flowed down the side in the motor vehicle was carried with the interior on top of that.
The interior was largely white vinyl. Sky blue carpet darkish blue trim and dash with insets and seat panels from blue jean denim.
The auto sported look-a-like Hemi rally wheels and had a considerable amount of styling cues in the Firebird the Barracuda plus the Charger from the 1968 as a result of 1972 era of muscle mass automobiles.
My mums and dads acquired him in 1976 brand new off the ton at Highway Dodge in Phoenix AZ and drove him right until living on dust roads in Oklahoma started out putting on him out.
Still significantly less than 70000 miles within the clock hes preparing for your fastest runs of his daily life and that is saying one thing as father wasnt precisely gentle.
Patriot was under no circumstances a drag car or truck but his good factors were cornering and all round road racing. This era of Dodge Colt 72-78 truly did nicely in off road and combination rally even taking a championship with out a lot of modifications. Lots of are still to be employed for that objective.
The Colts chief competing firms was the Toyota Celica GT in addition to the Datsun 510. Nevertheless dad loved dusting the Saab 9000s and undoubtedly the Porsche 914s for the time.

Mods Forthcoming

Starting when using the transplant. I am presently within the hunt for your affordable miles Dakota or Durango considering the Magnum V-6 already together with the 5-speed with it so I do not have to complete a great deal machine perform. The motor will endure the obligatory cam portpolish headers injector function and ignition. The transmission will go with Lucas oil plus a multi-plate clutch. Rear end will get redone that has a Ford Trac-Loc ideally from the Lincoln Mark 8 or equal to make sure that it could be an impartial suspension. I know lots of purists will dislike that statement but despite the fact that the outdated rear finish functions superbly for the 1600 cc motor but not for your drifting styled horsepower that Patriot could have when he rolls once more underneath his very own electricity.
Basic restyling for the most part for aerodynamic applications. Fundamental 8 speaker sound program perhaps utilising my Arachnid Audio components.
It will not appearance quite a bit numerous than stock but Im a fan of creating significant modifications and hiding them like Easter eggs.
Also in upcoming toying try to find twin once muffler turbos with rear mounted intercoolers. Brake cooling will probably be a should always. Redesigned interior that can activity my very own seat patterns primarily based more on a Sparco grime track seat than anything else over the marketplace.
I am in need of an approximate 500-800 horses of drive it all of it day energy. Mated towards the incontrovertible fact that the Trac-Loc could be out fitted having a fifth member that could both be hydraulically or actuator adjustable so that I can go from super hook sticky to drift king sideways for the touch of the knob.

Up-to-date State you actually in all probability you should not prefer to know

I removed the vinyl major numerous a long time back to acquire at a rust spot. I halted the rust at that position however the car or truck remains to be struggling. you can find tree moss increasing from the paint. Yeah I understand unfortunate but I may perhaps rat rod it while it is really developed….
I want a front driver side fender as well as driver door from in which we were hit in a hit and run back again previous to I could even generate.
The tires are shot but they have been pretty small extremely low cost thirteen inch tires anyway i will probably go along with widened Dodge Rallys towards my sons urgings whilst it can be okay for him to get Chevy Rallys on his GMC Sierra.
Ill create a picture the moment I can

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