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Since it hit movie theaters on July Primary The Last Airbender has made really athud among both authorities and fans on the series as a bad movie and edition. The Last Airbender made Twitters trending issues list and it appears fans on Twitter are among the films harshest experts.
Gripes include bad acting racism confusing plot poor characterization mispronunciation connected with names and more.
Twitter posts-
– FoolofLeuda Yikes. The Last Airbender has been kinda bad. I am sad. the show is so much better.In .
– itslike_youknow ok people the final airbender NOT the movie-related symbol of the apocalypse reviewers would have you believe. actually enjoyed it quite a bit.In
– Only1Kory So I discovered airbender.. Danny koker wife picture korie … epicfail
– AmaWuff The last airbender contrary suffered from trying to be to accurate in order to source. Not a horrid flick but really choppy due to addressing bk 1
– mymeowkatt Just saw the Last Airbender I recommend seeing it in the daytime due to the fact My spouse and i nearly fell asleep.In
– TOP_N0TCH the last airbender was actually really good contrary to a few things i though it was going to resemble.
– DoktorSick The people in the last airbender movie know they have to save the globe and are serious about performing it
– NinjaRamona The reviews really dont even nail precisely how bad the Last Airbender film really is. Never actually see it and you may be okay.
DefMan Watching Unbreakable. Funny since Shyamalan proceeded to go from Unbreakableto unbankable… but serious Last Airbender is bad not toughest movie.
– makemecookies90 The Last Airbender saga much better get better or its going on my work and disappointment list with the Twilight Tale Max Payne
– Ribbonlove Avatar last Airbender was HORRIBLE. Celebrities were pronouncing other characters brands wrong. The whole story line made absolutely NO impression ugh
– jbkaruna Nah. You havent noticed bad acting unless you see Avatar- The past airbender
– wannabehippie Dont waste your cash on the 3D upsell with the Last Airbender. Totally lacking in the 3D-ness.
– theonenamedher Avatar-The Last Airbender honestly seems much better as a anime than as a are living action movie. Inside movie they all glimpse awkward as nightmare.
– fantasyescapist The solely awards The Last Airbender deserve to receive are Razzies hopefully it sweeps your board I hope Scott Pilgrim will probably be better
– g33zy I just saw The Last Airbender. I will not become commenting. Nor can i ever mention it again in life. Previously.
– pigandthemonkey Just observed The Last Airbender. Critiques say that it was a huge dissatisfaction when compared to the anime. Which is for me to compare and then.
– amandaiven Yea The Last Airbender made me want to stab myself personally w a pitchfork. Pretty negative acting from the character. Stick to controlling the elements eh
– tsebehtsinnej The Last Airbender was the most significant disappointment of my own summer. –
– AuteurMark SideNote- If u thought The Last Airbender is the worst film of the year reconsider as SATC2 is. Made the earliest one seems like a new masterpiece
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