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Darth Pawn- 1/31/2011


Star wars– Two life size statues,Darth Maul and Jar Jar Binks, only 250 made, they
were promo for ep1 phantom menace. The papers say they’re worth 1000 each, he wants
600 each, Rick offers 400 total, he stands at 1200, Rick counters with 300 a piece.
…no deal! He says they’ll be sorry,lol…

Aircraft Octant
– A navigation tool for sailors, got it from his grandpa. It’s from
the 1942 era , old man is says Rick don’t know what he’s talking about, lol, bring
in the expert….here’s Mark, it looks all original, not very scarce though, no
one has an idea on price, Rick offers 200, 300 counter from owner, 250 from Rick…!

– A 1763? This guy found it in a old house in a box with quilts! Just
amazing! There’s approx only 650 left in the world, if it’s real, it’s worth
millions! Rick thinks its a copy, he’s probably right, time for the expert…….
Kevin checks it…wood is correct, there’s a chance, lol, bridge looks right…
awww, it’s a copy! It was made in the 20’s, in Germany or Czechoslovakia. It’s
valued at about 500, Rick doesn’t want it… deal

Nintendo Virtual Boy– The first 3d gaming system, made in 1995, it totally bombed,
they hurt your eyes, and were pretty much lame overall. He ask for 200, it’s a big
no from Big Hoss, counters with 80, dude asks 110, Hoss says no..80…!

Antique Carriage– It’s actually a Doctor’s Buggy, made in the 1880’s, they were
lighter and faster than other wagons, it’s all orignal, wow! She asks 800, Rick
counters with 500, She says no, 650 now from Rick…She ain’t having it…Rick’s
thinking of the turnaround value….he wants it…he goes 700……deal!

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