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In February associated with 2009 Michelle Tennant Nicholson of Wasabi Publicity Inc. seated down to speak with Rey Ybarra to go over ways to integrate movie into social networking sites.
The following is the transcript-
Michelle Tennant- Hi and welcome to your Wasabi Club. Today is definitely Wednesday February 30 2009. Its One p.m. Eastern and youre either playing this live with all of us and participating as well as youre listening to a new recording of this and either way welcome.

Im Michelle Tennant. Most people know me as being the storyteller to the media that is certainly where you can actually find out my thoughts during the day at my blog History Teller to the I am the co-owner regarding Wasabi Publicity Incorporated together with Blue Kangaroo a technologies company that specializes in on the web press kit technological innovation and other media. You can read a little more about the above companies at publicityresults. Did chumly pay off his harley com as well as
Right now we have really a excellent guy. Hes been on the Wasabi Club prior to and hes got a new green media to share with you today in an upcoming expo but let me initially talk a little bit regarding who Rey is.
Virtually if you want to know nearly anything about video is intergrated into media companies Reys your guy. Which is basically the short of whom he is. Ive got Rey within the phone right now. Rey do you need to talk a little bit concerning your expertise consequently people can get in connection with you
Rey Ybarra- Absolutely Mrs . and once again thanks a lot for having me in your wonderful program here. Pleased New Year to everyone. I know its a crazy year that will were going through but I kind of Michelle what Ive evolved into I began off in stereo and internet airwaves and local television and internet-based television programming.
Currently Ive kind of evolved into I guess you can declare a self-proclaimed new press expert. It just happened that way.
Michelle Tennant- I might not say youre self-proclaimed. I might say that people actually relate to you like that.
Rey Ybarra- Yeah thank you for in which. Its just evolved into from the experiences and all of the programming that I produced over the years.
So new media is the way in which you can get the word out and about about your business product or service service book undertaking whatever it is and its a variety of a few things.
I know other people will have some things that I talk about as well as theyll have additional kinds but the basics would be the blogosphere and blogging and site-building search engine optimization online video along with the social media. Ill be discussing that during this conversation here.
Michelle Tennant- Okay good. I just want to invite everybody whether youre partaking or whether you might be following up with e-mails and also social media connections to be able to Rey that he really is for anyone who is wanting to put online video on your online presenceRey is somebody to completely talk to.
Thats somebody who Ive been watching his or her work through the years and I think the he does an excellent job of truly encapsulating your video reputation and giving you information on how to do that.
We will just step back a bit now that you know a little bit about me somebody whose been carrying out PR for 20 years now and a little bit about Rey whos basically your own video guru in addition to new media master. Lets just take a step back and do a little little bit of housekeeping for the Wasabi Clb.
If youre on the line along with us right now and you wish to mute yourself what you would like to do is you would like to hit Star Some to mute by yourself. Then to unmute oneself youre going to hit Legend 7.
What we are going to do for the 1st part is take some bit of the Wasabi Press campaigns and speak a little bit about it together with Rey so that we can kind of jump into a conversation and true to Wasabi Clb form were going to acquire questions if youll find any or Rey and I will continue the chat on our own trying to find approaches to kind of the problems and also challenges that we bring up today with regard to new media environmental facets and the various issues with our expertise.
To that end I am going to just jump right within Rey cause Im truly interested in hearing about your current green new mass media and life expo. I am just coming at it through the perspective of a publicist obviously. I represent plenty of clients some of whom do have some environment friendly angles.
So when it comes to pitching the advertising I generally take a look at okay if Brand-new an environmental angle initially Im going to look at we will just take for example my client Bowdabra. Bowdabra has been with us for several years. Weve received them some great coverage over the years. The truth is just last Audio skips as well as through the holiday season these folks were on Good Morning The us.
Now what do they are doing. They actually have a making tool where you can quickly make professional looking bows merely. So for people with joint disease or young children toddlers and so forth its a great crafting tool.
Might know about do to actually integrate environmental angles with the particular PR marketing campaign is just have lets just create eco-friendly crafting projects that individuals then get out to your magazines both ladies crafting magazines common consumer media and the like.
Why dont we kind of just jump in right there in order that we can kind of acquire really practical in what you would recommend out of your expertise Rey on what you should be doing with Bowdabra but were not.
Rey Ybarra- Well wow thats a really great query.
Michelle Tennant- I find that realistic helps people dive into the conversation. If Ive put you immediately you can say so as well.
Rey Ybarra- Oh no no its really a great question since it is food for considered here because as Im going alongside and theres a lot of things which are into that when you well know that every single day presents a different challenge on taking a brand new angle or which usually way youre going to go with it depending on your organization your product and your assistance.
But one of the things that we find very quickly in relation to all of this is that we are in a really interesting moment right now in our way of life and in our groups.
We were talking any amount before the interview here Mrs . and everybody is we are going through economic chaos right now and theres a lot of people that are very scared about whats going on though the green industry is style of symbolic of a new way associated with thinking about things.
Michelle Tennant- Yeah I would trust that.
Rey Ybarra- So with that said we must think about new means of promoting our small business product and service this is not only going to impart us with maximum leverage but that is going to help the surroundings as well.
What Im talking about right away is actually Im talking about similar to printed materials that inside the olden days of advertising that type of factor. Youre at an expo you happen to be at a trade show and Im tying it in with my show and exactly how we came about this specific and how it can tie in with everybody being attentive.
You go to a present and the expo industry and the trade show industry Mrs . is a very traditional industry. Its only now starting to come around to coming up with new ways of selling an event thats going to be environmentally friendly.
So with that in mind you have a vision and I have a vision regarding producing an event which is going to give us maximum control as well as helping the atmosphere. The first thing I can tell everybody in a fresh way of thinking is writing a blog. Blogging is one of the most effective ways that you can promote your organization product and service and reach literally a vast amount of people that are curious about what you have to point out.
The blogosphere. Let me give you an example is when you go to Google so you type in green weblogs youre going to find that there is certainly going to be literally simply an unlimited amount of environmentally friendly blogs that are out there that are talking about a lot of events talking about a number of products and services in the environment friendly industry. Its simply just exploded. Its only almost unlimited amount of people out there that are genuinely really into what is actually taking place right now inside the shifting consciousness.
Precisely what that does is actually two things. First and foremost this leverages yourself also it becomes an dramatical affect in terms of you getting your message around to as many individuals as you can and in an instant amount of time.
Then the additional thing is that it will save the environment from all kinds of hard copy components like papers then when you go to an expo. Im going to give you an example of this. When you go to an expo or even a trade show everybodys fainting their materials his or her paper materials
Mrs . Tennant- Oh its true. I used to be just locally here that im in the Smoky Foothills. We just had the motorcycle show and also last Saturday I became at one. My spouse and i kept pushing again the materials cause Some want it. I had somewhat notepad with me just trying to actually simply write down the web site address so that I didnt need to take all that crap.
It is just so funny what age school everybody is concerning pushing those catalogues on you. Im similar to I dont want that.Wi
Rey Ybarra- Right exactly. Which is a good point Mrs . and everybody tuning in is its very vital to understand what Mrs . just said from her experience and what Im going to let you know here ladies and gentlemen is that when youre promoting your small business your product your service whatever it is Audio skips at an expo or a trade exhibition its very important to recognize that when youre passing out ones materials that youve put in a lot of money and time period on about Ninety-eight percent of those supplies are going to get chucked out or theyre going to be put on a corner when people get home and so they stay there.
Therefore it is a very labor extensive process to produce all those materials and even though fees have gone down due to technology its still planning to cost you a good amount of money and effort and manpower to pass out these materials.
Now what we have done and coming from my market research connected with producing programming within the multibillion dollar southern California expo trade event marketplace is and immediately after talking to exhibitors equally small medium and huge exhibitors from the regional mom and take exhibitor to the 100 million firm 200 million company which is exhibiting is that the most significant complaint that they have is always that people take their products and its the spend of materials and the rising booth costs.
So what weve developed we just had an incredible election. We have a brand-new president that is Now i am very excited about only for the fact that its something brand new and hes small and hes energetic and he represents a different type of thinking. Whether you agree with me or not hes different things in the White Property and he brings a fresh type of thinking all-around.
So what we are carrying out is were taking a new type of thinking to this traditional business. So one of the ways that we will be promoting each of our event and also the participants at the event and also saving them period money and a lot of distress is that were going to end up being having a new marketing section at each of our green new marketing and life expo.
Spinning program so well by that ladies and gents is that were going to have a live blogging area of about 15 to 20 stay bloggers that are going to possibly be interviewing the participants during the event. People interviews are going to be planning immediately out to the blogosphere during the celebration and then those articles or blog posts will be there after case which is going to be marketing the exhibitors through the show in real time after the show and before our next indicate.
That is so important to learn because one exactly what that automatically will is that automatically recession-proofs our exhibitors business product and service and gives them a terrific amount of leverage wherever it creates a viral marketing effect.
Which means that its an exponential outcome that once that article is out into the blogosphere people are searching for new info on new products and brand new services especially mainly because green is so massive in our consciousness right now and its just heading out. Its going to get bigger and greater and bigger.
So routinely what were performing for our exhibitors and the ones people that are interested in these products and services is that it recession-proofs them. It helps these save tens of thousands of cash in traditional flier business cards press set printed materials and a couple what its doing it really is that theyre leveraging independently where this information like i said previously is going out promptly into the blogosphere.
After that people that are internet and get this information can certainly immediately connect with this exhibitors during the celebration. So another thing we now have done Michelle is the traditional expotrade show style is that the event can be here for two to three days and nights. Then you try to community with as many persons as you can under one roof and attempt to pass out as much components as you can in that time and then the event is over-
Michelle Tennant- Then how do you really yeah the early chook or the person who uses up the fastest subsequently thats how you keep into the consciousness.
The good news is lets really deliver this to practical so that people can certainly visualize this Rey trigger I think its brilliant okay. I think its still lets much like I dont think that consumers are going to quite have it yet. So lets assist the listeners who are jamming and talk within practicalities.
So lets just take the particular motorcycle show My partner and i went to on Wednesday. Its already a expo about green living correct
Rey Ybarra- Correct.
Michelle Tennant- So let us just say regarding sake of chat that you had actually caused the motorcycle show cause everybody can figure out okay you head into a trade show associated with motorcycles. Theres a a lot of extra booze around having a bunch of motorcycles. We can easily all visualize in which.
So what Rey is saying and proper me if I incorrect is so here I am a an associate the public. I wandered in. I paid my 15 dollars to get into the street motorcycle show. Then Now im like all they palm me a bag the nearest thing they got with an environmentally friendly thing was they handed me a reusable bag which often thats not new. Which is so old school.
The husbands like Take it. It is not even big enough for groceries. I l not going to take advantage of this. Hes like You need to it. And so i have this stupid bag in my side. Then we just found themselves folding up these bags. Then the men we were with just stuck them in their pockets their back jean pocket. Thats the extent of the items happened with individuals bags.
So what you might be saying would happen is the fact that as soon as we wander in like they had an area where we can easily sign up for a free street bike but what you would have are sort of just like on the floor reporters named bloggers who are gonna be doing like Fogged headlights Im seeing nowadays everyone. Very exciting. Over here in the Yamaha booth itrrrs this that theyre doing. Then theyve got like a mini-video or perhaps mini-write-up on the internet exactly speaking about what the Yamaha people are doing.
Then the same with the particular KTM. The same thing with the 325i repair people. Same thing along with Harley Davidson. So next what were seeing is these on-site bloggers who are going to be actually bringing whats occurring at the show in to the internet for us.
Rey Ybarra- Absolutely in real time. Right there as it is happening. Its including if you can visualize this kind of ladies and gentlemen it truly is like in the old days you had the news that would come in cover therefore you see them go to theres a story that breaks and theyre interviewing an individual live.
Well here is the new media so that these people will be blogging. Theyre reporters and they are just bloggers and theyre talking and interviewing all of the exhibitors in addition to bringing that info on the internet right at this time.
Michelle Tennant- There are probably some people that are such as What are blogsWi Blogs are basically only public diaries which might be on the internet and people accessibility them through a standard URL.
By the way should you be in front of your computer as long as youre listening to this you can actually look up a link to Reys green new advertising and life expo inside my blog which is Narrative Teller to the
So just go to the my blog right now and then you could possibly get a sense of what a weblog looks like. Then click on the link over to Reys expos so you can kind of receive a sense of but wait until after were through before you watch this videos because you would like to pay attention to both us and them increase the risk for videos are great.
But this time okay so we have got it. Weve got the image of what it would seem like in the conference these days so thats what it could look to maybe a visitor at the trade show.
Today Rey lets take it into a booth advertiser acceptable. So like somebody like Bowdabra like my own client. I dont handle their advertising. We only handle their own media relations and achieving them into news their editorial products but lets say lead to I know that Bowdabra would go to crafting trade shows each and every year. Sometimes they have green angles sometimes they dont really.
But what youre stating is then then will you work with the trade show exhibit hall after which youre like wouldnt a booth exhibitor actually take advantage of what youre discussing
Rey Ybarra- Oh well virtually no. This is part of weve got created a new marketing package for each exhibitor to increase their experience when i mentioned during the expo along with long after the expo has finished with this new press technology. Now blogging is only the first step that will were talking about Michelle.
Michelle Tennant- But youre discussing a specific expo. What if i can see what youre referring to being applicable to everyone expos across the country equally crafting motorcycle fishing boat shows and so forth. What happens if the exhibit hall that we go to just isnt already doing something brilliant like you will be doing with this expo you are talking about right now normally the one thats in Reno Nevada
Rey Ybarra- Right I will guarantee you that. If were not the initial were one of the simply ones that are implementing this new media technology
Michelle Tennant- I think youre.
Rey Ybarra- And see this is why most of us came up with this Mrs . because everybody each of our wonderful president President barack obama and I want to get off of a little bit on a tangent here as it relates to everything. Youll be able to say that President Obama would be the first new press elected president of which weve ever had
Michelle Tennant- Well thats true. I do believe that yeah most people would agree to that creates the reason I was just reading an article currently actually about how after we send press releases today thats completely aged model as well.
So what people were talking about having new media it means a lot to many different men and women but with regard to public relations its also making the most of social networking sites and search Audio skips you can even include video achievable and some other features but basically these days press releases and taking pictures things out on the wire its lifeless. Its over. You wont get you placements.
And what will get you placements are the types personalized touches as well as relationships through the web through Twitter and Facebook as well as your phone and building those relationships.
You then actually use e-mail to then further individuals relationships that have already been touched upon within social networking. So what Rey is actually talking about is actually Obama maximized that for the success of his campaign this past presidential campaign and most people recognize that his facility in actually using new media is what had him decided. Did that underscore what youre talking about Rey
Rey Ybarra- Totally I couldnt have said it any better.
Michelle Tennant- Beneficial okay.
Rey Ybarra- No that is really brilliant Mrs . how you said that when you see this introduces another fascinating place here. Youre talking about seo now. In the olden days of looking up a small business we all went to wherever We went to the particular Yellow Pages or the Online directories. Thats where people searched to connect with businesses and businesses performed most of their advertising was in the Yellow Pages.
I was in the printing media business prior to I became a talk show host for several years Michelle. When we would come into the shop they would say Deliver a Xerox copy with this. Well Xerox had been the machine. That was the manufacturer but that was within the consciousness of every person.
Much like the Yellow Pages exactly where advertisers went to connect to people first. So what now do we all accomplish What do we say whenever weve got to get info We say what Google it. Boom and youre there.
Thats precisely how people are reaching out very first to find out about a business a product or service and a service. It is becoming more I think Yahoo and google has almost 60 of the market share with regard to a search engine optimization but a thing I want to say with that. This is what Im extremely excited about here.
Not only will we have now the live blog owners there but we will have live camera crews that are going to be interviewing our tradesmen and producing five-minute videos that they can use because of their online and offline marketing
Michelle Tennant- I love this.
Rey Ybarra- And after that time top so you hold the blogging and then you contain the video which video when you post the item on your blog boosts the sales or the rankings of your business your product or service and service tremendously.
When you have a blog you intend to post as much movie content on there since whats easiest I use this example of when youd like to tie any shoe lace. Is there a easiest way to teach a person Is it through the written word by giving these people a page of created instructions or is the idea through audio or possibly a short 30-second video exactly where they can see that. It will be that short 30-second how-to video.
Michelle Tennant- It is. And also the other thing i see as a risk with what youre carrying out and then were going to open it up to questions here in a few minutes is that weve done trade conferences ahead of where weve protected the media that attend these seminars. So its two-fold what youre doing.
Is just one of course its going to guide people extend their networking past the seminar itself but also these kind of nuggets kind of like your on scene news reporter is going to help parlay whatever is happening at the conferences for the news media.
One of the things that we used to parlay it bring about it has automatic back engine search optimization is our Press System 247. So Im going to speak to you offline Rey with regards to Press Kit because it would truly marry in properly as an extended plan to what youre doing with trade conferences.
Rey Ybarra- Well let me put
Michelle Tennant- And I yes. No go ahead. I recently Im like the risk here is to because with trade conferences you can the hot news through the day and unless you are actually attending this expo a lot of times media may have a bee in a distinct expo. They cant make it to each of the expos.
Rey Ybarra- Sure sure.
Michelle Tennant- And they want exactly what is the news. Then this could be in a digital way on the internet a way to help them to get the scoop for a moment on whats up along with coming in that particular marketplace.
Rey Ybarra- Right exactly and that is a very wonderful section of information that youve just given me mainly because youre the expert in that area in terms of PR in addition to publicity and how its evolved over the years especially now in this time Michelle.
Michelle Tennant- Yep and thats what we state all the time. People many people always say We should have a press discussion. The marketing hate press meetings. It makes them think that cattle. So what exactly is actually happening currently are different ways of obtaining media the information how they need.
So you can observe that if its on a blog and has video plus they can actually see ok well this is how they will tied their shoe laces then they can either discover okay this is anything Im interested in or not interested in.
Its really interesting to me Rey and I what is still not clear to me and I bet for a lot of listeners too is really can we actually get the assistance even if the show hall or the genuine conference doesnt give you a piece like this Could we just say Rey can you just come out in addition to do this just for my own booth
Rey Ybarra- Well that is a very good question. Our director Randy was stating that were developing via this whole process were developing a system to help where we can go to different shows and also implement this system. Consequently yes it can be done as well as were developing that will model right now.
Once we get done with this show here then were going to be offering this for some other models because for many people weve been doing this for a long time and now were only adding the blogging and site-building model into it but thats really not that major of a deal but the system is were getting the system together Michelle and were going to offer it to other companies as well.
Michelle Tennant- I consider its really great as well as for people listening look. As Rey is active creating this style and so forth if youre stuck and youve got an expo coming up next week kind of situation its not going to be virtually any skin off your own back to get an intern or maybe a college student to assist you part-time as long as youre doing this and just to help blog about the experience at whatsoever expo youre going to. Thats the bare minimum you should be doing.
Then you certainly should also take along slightly camera and a movie cam to at least capture your knowledge so that you can use it to be able to parlay your investment to whatsoever expo youre going to to the internet and then you can then share with ones Audio skips these are the things that we have been seeing.
Then out of the blue you become an expert supply for the media which in turn by the way for people who have been coming to the Wasabi Membership for years and years if youve not really checked out the new source Pitch where you become a pro source for the media you should do that right this moment while were talking about this.
Its Pitch where youre ranked as an expert supplier for the media then youre pitch is also rated for the mass media so that they actually obtain the best interviews and the very best sources to the top. They rated it 5 stars. So the media just loves this cause it actually helps them get finished with his or her work sooner.
Im not quite sure exactly how Pitch Rate is planning to fit in with the label of these trade shows aside from the trade persons actually speaking about their own trade Rey but I dont want to forget to say that cause I think this can be a first Wasabi Club due to the fact we launched that will.
But anyway I purchase off the point here. The point is that were referring to the growth of this brand-new media and how its actually going to be offered to industry events. Whether people seek the services of you directly to come make this model available to their trade show or whether they just do that on the skinny through getting a college intern. The bottom line is they must actually parlay their expenditure both time and money straight into whatever trade shows they go into in world-wide-web presence. We all concur with that.
Rey Ybarra- Right properly let me mention this before I forget it here because this is then I would like to comment on that as it would be very important what you only said about that Mrs ..
Now the ace in the hole that we possess here believe it or not is not blogging and the video plus the social media internet exercise with Facebook and Twitter over the show thats going to be around as well but is.
We have partnered by having an incredible incredible organization that specializes in search engine optimization yet social media niche marketing. This provider found out about us what we should were doing and we heard bout them and they definitely fell in love with that which you were doing the model because nobody else has it.
The name of this company is Insyndia Media. It truly is absolutely brilliant how they work. Through their technological know-how they call it pyro-marketing. It is just a new way of internet marketing and this is just completely phenomenal
Michelle Tennant- What are you saying Youre not expressing viral. Youre stating something else.
Rey Ybarra- Yeah pyro which has a P like fireplace like pyro
Michelle Tennant- Good okay yeah really.
Rey Ybarra- They came up with this time period because its like you may notice a pile connected with dead wood from the forest and you just gentle a little match what are the results It flames upward and then the whole do light is burning down.
Well its certainly phenomenal what this business theyve got this new technology. Its just totally incredible. They demonstrated it to me and so they backed it up together with statistics that by using their technology theyre piecing together a web site for us to be able to where when individuals exhibitors who show with us are submitted with a little article with our site thats going to find them top Google page ranking. Its just absolutely incredible what this technology will.
So lets say for example that theres Bowdabra is exhibiting with us Michelle being a client. We produce all of the new advertising tools for them over the show and they can use them after the demonstrate and before the subsequent show if they opt to exhibit with us.
But then whats happening is the fact because theyre on our site through this completely new druple technology that these men are using theyre going to in an exceedingly quick time accomplish top page Yahoo and google ranking on Google.
And so for instance lets say Bowdabra determining baby gender that they do again Im sorry.
Michelle Tennant- They perform a crafting tool.
Rey Ybarra- Fine so lets say an individual puts in developing or tools or something that is. Once theyre on our site through fractional treatments once there they type in the key or whatever it is that theyre using to locate your client they will show up right on the front page of Yahoo for those keyword classes.
Michelle Tennant- See and this also is so important. Google optimization. I dont know when people really comprehend with regard to a Page rank presence on the internet.
One of the things that we always explain to our clients is when were not I always giggle about page six to eight. For years page 6-8 has been the revered celebrity media placement for Hollywood proper. Youre the it girl if youre on page 6-8.
Well Id like to currently call it page one. For anyone who is not on page one regarding Google close your shop. Theres a few ways you can actually get the seo going. Im actually excited to hear concerning your guys and the way were applying in which to the trade shows.
I really want you to also know Rey with regards to another tool that is certainly Press Kit 247. Mass media Kit 247 and its you are able to just get a media kit for 99 bucks a month and after that boom. Immediately you are page one.
Rey Ybarra- Wow that is certainly amazing.
Michelle Tennant- I know. So like even when you dont want it for that media aspect of so that it is part of search Click the actual 99 bucks per month is alone crucial for this STO which is also the various search engines optimization.
Theres a lot of ways to get at the same target here but the bottom line is you certainly want to be high up with your search engine rankings and it has all to do with the back finishing coding of your blog site your web sites your web press kits or anything else.
So you want to make sure that whomever youre entrusting your internet presence to actually gets the know-how to get you to page 1. I cant even inform you.
Lets open it up a little bit cause we all do have people threatened with us. If you want to truly ask Rey a question reach Star 7 for you to unmute yourself and I think be the right command to the. Star 6 to help mute yourself. Could there be anyone on the cell phone right now that would possess a question for Rey Not. Well the people simply just put us about speaker and just type of listen to the chat in the background.
Rey Ybarra- Right specifically.
Michelle Tennant- Well its now start for questions. So if you have a question with regard to Rey or for myself or if you just have a new comment about search engine optimization or trade show fresh media just chime throughout cause Im not going to ask again until were kind of toward the end of the house. And so go ahead Rey.
Rey Ybarra- Yeah one particular important comment which Id like to make here by what we were talking about you are talking about just a few a few minutes ago about offering this model in order to trade shows or recording your exhibit presentation area is that believe it or not right now theres a huge display coming up here next week. It is the natural products expo above here in Anaheim at the Anaheim Conference Center. Its a large event.
This is what youre going to run into with this outdated thinking here is that after we first started producing development some five years in the past and interviewing exhibitors and offering them this specific repair we had carte blanche. We were showed and we spent about three four days at this time there just interviewing as many people as we can but as period went on they grew to become very protective of these expo. Now they limit the press and the media in there for only two or three hours at a time and thats that.
Michelle Tennant- Oh genuinely.
Rey Ybarra- Yeah. So this is the pain you are going to come across for the majority of of the trade shows and expos and the expos is that youre going to come across a lot of resistance. Dependent on fact a lot of exhibits dont allow you to video anything. Its the craziest issue Michelle but
Michelle Tennant- Yeah Im just like really like yeah that may be really interesting.
Rey Ybarra- Now why we came up with this present was because My partner and i basically got fed up of bumping my go up against the wall structure with all of these people. All the resistance was over time and resistance to the newest media of different things because the promoters on the event they have your attitude of effectively if it aint shattered why do we need to remedy it.
They havent progressed. So this is something I became very frustrated regarding over the years and finally I acquired to the point where I just got partners and claimed were going to put on our very own and were going to do that because when I seemed to be talking to the participants they wanted this new media even though they may not have understood everything but they knew how they needed something different mainly because what expos as well as trade shows have become is defined as an outdated style of doing business now ok.
Its a very classic type business. So I just decided I will put my own indicate on here but you will meet up with resistance. Goods fact I was creating some programming for any jewelry expo here another expo happening a little ways all the way down and there was a major sign up there that said no video cameras granted. None ok.
So people are really very resistant when it comes to all of this and this is the reason why like Michelle had been talking about be careful regarding shows or folks that youre getting associated with. Make sure that they be aware of the new media which theyre up to date over it. But you would never believe that Michelle because of course
Michelle Tennant- I know. I am a little like are you currently crazy. If youre in charge of exhibits and youre listening to this and youre not really open to new advertising just be aware of that. That is not honoring the particular trends that are actually developing. Whats next but that those conference halls that are going to be definitely open to what were talking about here theyre going to function as ones where consumers are going to be seeking his or her business.
Theyre going to resemble Okay we want the exhibit hall. We should do business with your expo because youre actually going to be able to then parlay it into your internet presence. Wise.
Rey Ybarra- Youre right particularly. So what you see is that you see the traditional mass media there. Youll see including say Channel 5 news or people with cameras but that kind of publicity is very dated and it does not work because what happens is that there is a short 30-second clip from the event and its over the air after the event has finished and what beneficial does that do. That will not help anybody through the event.
So this is the level of thinking that were seeking to break through precisely what were going to be generating here with the green brand-new media and existence expo. Its going to be something that will likely be breaking ground as well as were very anxious about it because what its going to offer tradesmen is that what youre usually able to do at each of our event is basically recession-proof your small business during this down economic climate.
Youre going to be saving on your own thousands of dollars tens of thousands of money even with these brand-new media tools in which were going to be giving a person because lets face it. Were in this new since Tony Robbins says we have been in this new paradigm transfer thats taking place.
Across the street from me Mrs . there is a shopping center and yes it had a Mervyns and a K-Mart inside it and both of people who were staples of accomplishing business in our traditions for years are now eliminated. That to me is actually representative of the companies not necessarily evolving enough.
Ditto thats happening to your auto industry. It becomes an old outdated design that never transformed that didnt want any individual messing with them now theyre asking for millions of dollars or billions of money in bailout just to make payroll. You dont want to always be there.
Each and every one of yourself that are on this get in touch with you dont want to put yourself in a scenario to where you use an old outdated business design to promote your e-book project to promote whichever service or small business that you have.
Now you have the knowhow and hopefully we could be bringing you a lot of these tools along with each of our experience to help you flourish during this down economic climate.
A lot of people are scared as well as rightfully so but I often believe and I talked to Michelle about this just before we came within the air that this is a fantastic opportunity to be thriving to coming up with new stuff and most fortunes and many new products and companies that come out of times like this for those those who think different and think outside of the box.
Therefore were here to help you accomplish that. Were here to help you as well as like I always tell people who are going to display with us just because you exhibit and the occasion is over doesnt mean that we are going to be gone. Im going to be available to you 247 because I have to help you succeed. Anyone succeed then I succeed through this whole matter and theres strength in numbers.
Michelle Tennant- Well I think that one of the things that you happen to be talking about is parlaying an on-site experience to an on the internet experience. A lot of people who will be going to expos prefer that motorcycle show. Exactly how are they going to keep people like me which attended this indicate engaged
A perfect possibility that I see is currently missed because nobodys coming after me as having took part in that motorcycle show with video with in fact the currently I dont want to pick for the motorcycle show. I know theres plenty of trade events that do things diversely but I was also shocked with the online occurrence there in the stands.
Clearly they were not by far the most experienced. Theyre simply just people manning the presentation areas. So there were had missed opportunities to sell us as a person thats looking at motorcycles to purchase on in the next year.
There were missed chances that I saw and i also thought gosh a brilliant marketer would be the one that would then parlay their bond with me and all those who visited the presentation space over the next year. There were very little done to prolong that relationship beside me and I was really amazed by that because there are numerous opportunities rather than acceptable were going to go to a indicate and heres this catalogue.
Well why dont you consider getting my e-mail tackle What about sending myself video afterward with the bikes in action Think about having the top CEO of those companies Audio skips will certainly say Harley Davidson although I dont really like all those motorcycles cause I love to go out into the forest they had a whole exclusive section for women i always also felt similar to was a missing option like special marketers inside. Whos visiting the trade shows.
There have been lots of women just like me walking around. I achieved them. So theres a lot of money thats jogging out the door if you dont goal me.
Mostly precisely what Harley Davidson did happens because had on-site demonstrations in order to pick up a motorcycle. That they had a whole magazine which they handed me of which then I put back in the booth trigger like I mentioned before I didnt would like to take a bunch of content home.
Rey Ybarra- Right particularly.
Michelle Tennant- But they didnt possess anywhere where I can sign up my e-mail deal with. They had no wherever so that they could actually and then begin and variety a relationship with me after a while. Really fascinating just how people marketing and also what people just effortless marketing stuff that individuals could be capturing in order to then parlay to a partnership over the next year possibly even.
Rey what youre talking about with regard to trade shows and displays I think is a open territory. Im thrilled to see how that project grows to suit your needs and how will you be offering us information on how this primary green expo goes for you all and where we can actually then see the studies and so forth so that you can easily watch will you be delivering it to that hyperlink that were experiencing right now online that I have linked through Storyteller to the Like how can we view updates on this
Rey Ybarra- Oh yeah were going to be each of our web site our website is being produced by Insyndia at this time. Itll be done quickly and youre going to be getting updates through generally there and various blogging neighborhoods as well that we have been putting the word out. Through the social media internet sites like Twitter and Facebook My Space You Tube and all of that. Youll be able to get information and see the item on social media even as we get moving toward this and getting closer to the wedding.
Michelle Tennant- Will you send me personally communications so that I am able to update the Wasabi Team users I will without a doubt as I hear from Rey anyone I will for sure revise my blog Storyteller on the so that you can actually track the way this is actually going making sure that we can all study from each other as we even more support the exposition and seminar centers across the country. I actually said that wrong did not I Exhibition halls. Im not quite certain what I said however dont think it was correct. Conference places.
Rey Ybarra- One other thing Id exactly like to say real quick Mrs . is that when you had been talking about just a second ago about persons passing out their components and how are they likely to capture e-mail at this past expo to engage people that have come to the show and them in the loop.
Properly thats a very good assertion to make because of the fact that there are two types of marketing. Theres what you call your current push marketing and your pull marketing.
Michelle Tennant- For people who dont know exactly what that is explain that just a little bit Rey.
Rey Ybarra- Exactly drive marketing is when youre getting your word to people youre throwing it out to them this is giving them the materials. Providing the materials and you deliver them a blast e-mail of something but ballot marketing is where you engage the client.
One important factor of blogging is that you may create a poll promoting affect where you come with an instant two-way communication with someone who leaves the comment on your blog and also you reply back to these.
What youre doing is you happen to be creating a conversational kind of marketing model wherever youre talking to your mind. Youre communicating with these people two-way and the lines of communication are not just just one way of you throwing out facts to them but you might be engaging them exactly where they come back to you.
This is actually the new model of marketing is that conversational kind marketing the ballot marketing where theyre really interested in whatever you have to do and whatever you have to say. It starts off with of course getting their e-mail address and you offering them a newsletter or see a blog and check out our new coding or whatever it is.
That they like it. They leave a comment on there and you start that will relationship right away. Thats the way to build your enterprise. The old model of trying to sell something to another person first is useless. You want to build people relationships and you need to build that have confidence in.
With video with your blog where they can see a face plus they can see you on right now there that creates an instant quantity of trust with somebody who is watching an individual. They say I like precisely what this person has to state. I like what Bowdabra has got to say. That person actually makes sense to me we want to communicate with these people. You take them in.
Its extremely powerful. This is what Now i am so excited about Michelle. All of these tools are going to be pulling everybody throughout.
Michelle Tennant- It always evolves. The other thing that Im really thinking about is just how the internet continues to grow and also evolve every single year. I will still remember as well as Ill be 40 this coming year. Im not that old however Im old enough to remember faxes and pre-internet days.
Theres two things that come to mind while Rey is talking will be one there are plenty of people who doubt the power of the internet and how itll truly affect business. I would not even see how you could doubt that any longer.
Its so very apparent how things are morphing and pretty much everythings gonna be on demand in the future possibly our TV I do believe. It already is actually. We already have so much treating what we watch when we watch it.
However the other thing to make note of is Im a Technology X-er. I dont know. Rey what era are you Baby Boomer Generation X or Millennial Whore you
Rey Ybarra- Im at the end end of the Baby Boomer I am 44.
Michelle Tennant- Acceptable great. Alright then. So now heres finished . for everybody to understand about the actual Millennials. The young people these days that are coming into the task force they are outbound in to social marketing and advertising. Social networking for them is compared to breathing. Theyre going to possibly be looking for new and various ways to connect with anyone on their social networking sites.
Thus for them its going to be an all natural expression to do fairs trade shows and theyre going to always be actually talking to the old individuals the old timers. Those who find themselves still doing messages or calls and faxes on glimpse you need to text youll want to Twitter you need to remodel your Facebook and blah blah blah and integrate all of these different and wonderful new media options into a method that actually works well for the business.
Then they may be as big as the Baby Boomer current market. I dont know the statistics. I just pull these people out of the air. I do think its something like 60 to 70 million to exactly where like Gen Xs are 20 million or something like that. Its like thrice the amount of Baby Boomers along with Millennials force to be believed with as far as as being a buying force similar to as a media push.
Whereas the Age bracket X-ers are just kind of the irreverent mavericks who are just of their doing it their own method. Also a force for being reckoned with but in a different way.
But thats a thing to keep in mind like going through the trends for this future and where the getting power is going to come from. Its already individuals like Obama may command those on the internet relationships. So how really does yours really contribute to the poll advertising and marketing. How does your online reputation contribute to the particular study marketing so that the customers are coming to you so that you actually have like you will be stomping it on the internet.
It is precisely what we like to say over at Press Kit 247. Usually when we get a consumer its like beat it. Youve got to get to page one. Are you stomping this.
Rey Ybarra- Right and I really like that
Michelle Tennant- You must you have to.
Rey Ybarra- I love that will term because the young children would understand that a great deal and like you say the youngsters are technological savvy and theyre turning into the major force right away especially when I was referring to the green industry.
We only picked up one of our initial and big holds for our show a radio station one of the top radio stations throughout Reno Sparks Las vegas Magic 95.5 FM. The reason we chosen them up had been because theyre a young trendy radio station that understands new press.
So when I acknowledged them they have a total green page through to their web site. Nothing but green and they leaped right on the opportunity and so they said Yeah we want to do this.
Thus theyre going to be preferably broadcasting live on transmitted radio and internet radio from the celebration but they understand the gig. They understand it plus they jumped on it immediately.
Michelle Tennant- Yeah notice and I think thats going to happen more and more where folks kind of see right now before I enable you to go today Rey though get inside the world of fees around this. Such as your potential client could well be somebody whos setting up an expo or a trade exhibition or would it be a particular business owner whos exhibiting at a booth then also what are sort of the price ranges powering that
Rey Ybarra- Yeah which is a good question because since Ive been incredibly busy with this present here and my spouse mentioned this in my experience and talked to myself about it a few times. I actually still dont have all of the answers for those questions yet because were busy putting on your show and every thing.
Right away my encounter though from trying to deal with promoters in any respect of these shows is a very negative one particular over the years. Probably because theyre older people that unique these shows along with trade shows. So I dont know yet. I dont know exactly what that model can be. Id like to take it to them but I know by experience its always been a hard egg to crack with these people.
One reason we went to the green expo is because its a youthful hipper crowd and they set things right away.
Michelle Tennant- Yep thats smart. I can tell that. Well prior to so at least I want people to be able to accomplish you directly. And so a phone number an e-mail target or what is the best way Do you want them just to connect with me and after that I pass them to you
Rey Ybarra- That would be good because right now I am extremely busy along with producing the show and that would be most likely the best way to go Mrs ..
Michelle Tennant- Okay. Then everyone you probably already have it but Ill advise you how to reach me personally. My e-mail address can be . Im a two D Michelle and theres a good S on benefits. You can also leave feedback if you forget how you can reach me or you want to just get connected to me online.
However you can go to Storyteller to the and then go through the 411 page and youve got umpteen numbers of social network pages to url to me. So Im pretty much available online.
We stomp it infant. I stomp this online.
Rey Ybarra- I love in which. That is just awesome and hip Michelle. Stomp it.
Mrs . Tennant- Stomp it beat it baby. Due to the fact Rey as you know one of our things is always its not just who you know. Additionally it is who knows about you that is where stompin it on the web comes in.
Well I truly appreciate you being with us today as well as kind of explaining your work with expos as well as the whole new media world of it. Its really got me style of excited and thinking and trying to figure out the things Im committed to similar to Press Kit 247 and Pitch and what were doing around Wasabi Coverage.
Like how can we really get on board with this and actually empower our buyers to really seek out brand-new media. So many thanks for sharing all this these days Rey.
Rey Ybarra- Absolutely. Well thank you so much for having me for the program Michelle. Its always a pleasure to communicate with you and I enjoy your own openness and your reliability especially now in this particular time in our society in this culture where adjust now the people in which change like your self like myself and others others were people who are leading the way.
So I appreciate very much a person having me on your own program.
Michelle Tennant- Oh yea my pleasure. And everyone like always we are going to have more Wasabi Clubs later on. Let me know what type of issues you want to hear about. If you need to see the years and years connected with Wasabi Clubs that weve got had in the past go to Publicity sign up as a Private room member and things are there for free.
You may download it for your iPod or to your personal machine and listen to it in the background whatever you like. Be in touch and told me what you need with regard to specialized tips for PR. Thank you everyone.
If youre enthusiastic about learning more about how to ranking free publicity to suit your needs your business or function or want to learn much more PR tips devoted to branding media instruction social media public relative blog marketing producing a press release – where ever you look – visit and develop a free account where youll learn how-tos of the trade to help catapult you to achievement.
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The wedding and its particular planning stages may well set the tone for the future relationship. Should you ignore your grooms mothers wishes you may are living to regret it. However if you bend in excess of backwards to please ones mother-in-law you could be setting oneself up for a subservient part for the long term.
So how do you you need to your mother-in-law without to become mother-in-law pleaser This question has haunted birdes-to-be for generations.

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