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Did The Old Man Have His Teeth Pulled By A Barber

Dentist PoleNow most of us would say that this is a barber shop pole. However, back in the 1800’s when barbers pulled teeth (and gall bladders,etc) this became known as a dentist pole.

  • The first dental school opened in 1840 in Baltimore
  • Humans have 32 permanent teeth

Richard was probably thinking of when he wasn’t called the old man when he saw this…lol. He knew some of the history of dentist poles and how they came to be. When the barber yanked out a tooth, the bloody rags were hung outside on white string. The wind would then blow and swirl the combination around. I just know that I’ll never look at a barber pole the same way again.

Rick doesn’t think that there would be a problem selling it and the old man went on to note that it’s made of wood and not plastic like the modern barber poles. But as the owner stated that he wanted $1500, the old man was real quick to say no and Rick countered with $700. Ultimately the seller was happy to get $750 and planned to take his daughter gambling. I hope she’s old enough!

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  1. Emily Gillum says:

    My dad sold this to them looks so much better than it did before :)

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