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Do The Pawn Stars Score A Touchdown?

Knute Rockne LetterWe’ve all heard the expression “win one for the gipper” but did you know where it came from? The most famous head football coach of Notre Dame University was a guy named Knute Rockne. Knute was the athletic director from 1888 until 1931 but is better remembered for being head coach of the football team from 1918 until 1930.

The expression was coined by Knute after the death of the first all American player who died at the age of 25 and played under Knute. Knute Rockne is still considered one of the greatest coaches ever and even gets credit for popularizing the forward pass.

Knute died on March 13, 1931 and Rick is very excited to see a letter signed by him just 18 days before his death. The guy bringing it in tells of his grandfather who did a school project way back when. The project involved getting the signature of a famous person by writing to them and hoping for a signed response.

Rick, a big football fan is genuinely excited and it’s obvious that he wants this letter.

Big decision and big problem as he can’t tell if it’s real or what it may be worth. Part of the problem is determining if this was actually signed by Knute or perhaps by a secretary.

Rick enlists the help of Drew, a forensics examiner who goes over this with a magnifying glass. The seller said that he had it appraised for 5 grand and that’s what he wants. Drew determines that it’s written with a fountain pen which is a good sign. Rick is salivating at the prospect of owning this – he probably wants to keep it personally. Out come the words that Rick wants to hear – “it’s real”, says Drew and worth between 3 and 5 thousand. Rick offers 1500 and that’s not music to the sellers ears. Rick needs to buy right in order to stay in business and with an estimate of the value being as low as 3 thousand, he doesn’t have much more room to work with. His final offer is 2 grand after which they shake on not being able to come to terms. It’s obvious that Rick is more disappointed than the seller.

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