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Double Barrel Shotgun Fun

Double Barrel Shotgun   Double barrel shotguns have been around for a while and were used for protection on the stagecoaches of yesteryear. As the pawn stars all seem to be intrigued by weapons, this antique double barrel shotgun got their interest quickly.

Rick actually recognizes the potential seller here as the pawn stars bought a bowling ball cannon from him in the past. Rick noted that they still haven’t sold it. haha But this double barrel shotgun has history connected to it as it was used by Wells Fargo in their early days. The owner hopes to see $15K because of this as it does date back to the 1800’s.

Wells Fargo was formed to do express deliveries by 2 guys who left American Express in order to compete with them. Big Hoss provides a little history lesson here which includes:

  • Wells Fargo Co. was established in New York City in 1852
  • They began cross-country stagecoach deliveries in 1866
  • The term “riding shotgun” came from the fact that a shotgun carrying person was always on board for protection
  • In the 1860’s alone, Wells Fargo had 313 stagecoach robbery’s
  • The fastest and yet safest driver named Charlie, surprisingly turned out to be a woman

Now our seller also has a book that he says ID’s the shotgun as being used by Wells Fargo on stagecoaches. Rick is quick to point out that since it’s a long-barrel, it probably wasn’t as the stagecoach drivers used a short-barrel shotgun in order to maintain their ability to quickly turn the direction of the weapon. He adds that 99% of these supposed heirloom shotguns are fakes. As Rick examines the shotgun, he finds some corrosion and asks if this is even worthy of firing. The owner meanwhile has never fired it so this needs to be tested.

Off to a remote desert shooting range they go to test fire this shotgun and Big Hoss and Chumlee accompany Rick and the seller. Well the shotgun works without any problems and after hearing what the seller wants, Rick makes an offer of $2500. He eventually gets up to 3 thousand but the seller won’t part with it for that amount so there is no deal. Rick probably couldn’t help thinking about the bowling ball cannon.

The pawn stars got a field trip out of this though and Chumlee wanted to take advantage of being out at a shooting range. He wanted to shoot clay pigeons but neglected to realize that they hadn’t brought any guns with them. Oh well, maybe next time!



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