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FDR Home Movie Footage

  • FDR serverd 1933-1945
  • Only President elected for more than two terms

How did he get this stuff? Used to work for and old antique dealer and had this box of film. Boy did he get lucky!

There was a lot of footage of FDR but not much with him in his wheel chair.  If this is original this is one of a kind and can be worth a lot!

The limo in the video dates it to 1939 or later.  Now to figure out a price. This guy is looking for 90k. Yikes!!

Looks like no deal, they just cant figure out a price. I was hoping for more wheelchair footage.

5 Responses to FDR Home Movie Footage

  1. don holding says:

    I love the show, it actually has me looking for stuff now, now I will also say that I was disipointed in the fdr spot. The reason is because it was built up like it was this huge deal with all of the promo’s and with the old man “o my god blast” was built up so much and then it was not that great at all. Yes it was a great bit of history but my point is that this show is so good, you do not need to false hype it. The voice from the old man on the tape on the promo was chums and big hoss race. The guys and the store present a straight forward approach and I know that is what got me into the show first. Honesty, they are there to make a buck and have fun doing what they do, its just real and I hope it does stay that way. Thanks for the opportunity to voice my thought.

  2. nick h says:

    I fully agree, Don. The show certainly doesn’t need false hype to keep you watching or to encourage it’s viewers to watch. Honestly it is one of my favorite shows but I did think it was a poor production/editing decision to build something up for no reason at all.

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  5. andrew nelson says:

    i actually think that this show makes people learn more about history because of all the cool stuff people bring in to your shop. this show is honestly the coolest show ever and old man is seriously the funniest person ever (but all of them are funny) and i actually research the stuff people bring on the show. i hop this show keeps on going.

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